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Found 7 results

  1. I dont need these as I have a complete fleet setup and done testing. each 6€ 1. Robinson Racing Steel 14T 48P 2. Xray 18T Steel 48P 3. Yeah Racing Hard coating aluminium 19T 48P 4. Robinson Racing Steel 28T 48P 5. Robinson Racing Steel 32T 48P 6. Robinson Racing Steel 36T 48P Tamiya 53422 45T 0.4M Tamiya 53425 51T 0.4M 1. Xray 18T 48P pinion BLACK 6€ 2. Robinson Racing 14T 48P pinion 6€ 3. Robinson Racing Steel 28T Pinion 48P 6€ 4. Robinson Racing Steel Pinion 32T 48P 6€ 5. Robinson Racing 36T 48P Pinion Gear 6€ 6. Tamiya 45T 0.4 Pinion Gear 53422 6€ 7. Tamiya 51T Pinion 0.4 53425 6€ Shipping should be at 5€ worldwide
  2. Hey folks, been lurking here for a while, finally had an issue I need some help with. Picked up an XV-01 Long Damper Spec kit I found at my local hobby shop, was surprised to see it, thought it was discontinued, so I snapped it up. I grabbed some hop up parts to add to the build. The build went pretty smoothly, except for one thing- the outboard pins on the lower arms, both front and rear, don't have a grub screw on both sides to hold the pins in, only one side. Seems like it would be a defect, but on the website it looks like this is how the parts were designed. Anyone have any thoughts on how to handle this? I'm adding a few pics, hopefully they show what I'm talking about... Thanks in advance! Brian
  3. Hey all, Thanks for letting me in. I have really enjoyed building up my MF-01x ford escort mk2. Wanting to tune it up a bit I looked into shocks and bought some Yeah Racing big bore 50mm dampers based on reading 50mm shocks are for the chassis. However on fitting I realise the stock friction dampers are 55mm and fitting these will drop a fair bit of ride height. Since om running it off road I need to keep clearance. Can I swap out the piston lengths for longer or do I need a full set of diffrent shocks. With the note that the rear right arm clashes with body can I fit 60mm shocks here and try to space if off the body? Also what oil should I be getting for them? Thanks
  4. So, here's the new project that's getting a body...........
  5. I have a strange fondness for the TL01 chassis. Not sure why, but I've owned a ton of them over the years both in buggy and touring variants. They make excellent rally cars since they are super durable, and with the LA kit they handle pretty good. I needed something different to wrench on having burned out on a few ongoing crawler builds, and I happened upon my TL01 Rock Buggy that was collecting dust. A cool little project, but I kinda lost interest in it along the way. In another corner was my Konghead with a way overkilled YR upgraded suspension bolted on. They share the same suspension mounts...hmmmm... So I tore down the Rock Buggy and started turning it back into a touring car. First thing is I had to pull the chassis apart and unlock the diffs. A ball diff was dropped in the rear and a gear diff filled with AW grease was installed up front. Everything's a bit messy here, but all the gears were scrubbed nice and clean before installation. I would have installed speed tuned gears, but I used my last sets in my M04RR and MF01X projects. Ebay to the rescue! Another 2 sets are on order... Chassis buttoned up and ready to go. I would love the carbon upper shaft, but they are almost unicorns anymore. My last one did not survive a brushless upgrade, so the stock steel shaft will have to do. Debating finding a way to turn it down somewhat to reduce some of that mass. The donor Konghead... I have other plans for it, and they don't involve the fancy suspension. Same suspension used on the beautiful FF build going on in this section as well (though I didn't have the heart to drill out swaybar mounts :)). Rear suspension swaps right over. This kit is similar in geometry to the LA kit, so it should handle well. (and look good doing it!) I did add a few shims here and there to take out the usual Tamiya suspension play. It's nice and tight now. Found a carbon gearbox brace in the parts bin, as well as some Tamiya blue 5mm balls to match. Front suspension swapped on nicely as well. Nice parts from Yeah Racing, the bearings on the kingpins alone are worth it. I chose to use the U shaped suspension mount as I fell it makes the front stronger overall. Royal pain getting shims in the lower arms though. I do need to dig around for some CVD's front and rear. I'm sure I have a set here somewhere that will work, but until I find them the dogbones will have to do. Some Tamiya Mini CVA's with internal limiters bring it down to touring height. The white springs look very TRF, though I'm sure they'll get swapped out during testing as they are a bit soft. Note the full option TL lurking in the background... jealous of the new suspension I reckon. Fitted with a "period correct" Orion 19t brushed for now. I will most likely swap over a BL system at some point. Did a little paint and decal work on the chassis to bring out some of the details. Very unique chassis for a touring car, may as well dress it up a bit. So now it is almost a rolling chassis - electronics sorted and installed, just waiting on wheels, tires and a body. Was a bit undecided on the body, but think I found a decent match. Just waiting on the post office at this point.
  6. I never actually made a build thread for my Neo Scorcher. I only posted pics of the chassis in a Neo Scorcher thread. A few days ago, I finally got around to completing the body. I originally procrastinated on doing the stickers in fear that I would screw up, and I really liked the box art. I recently found a post by @shenlonco explaining to use a little bit of Windex on the backside of the stickers. This allows you to re-position the sticker many times. After you have it where you want, just squeegee out the Windex with a paper towel. This worked wonderfully, and I finished the body. Here's what went into the build. This was a case of "I know it doesn't need it, I just want it". I have not installed the high speed spur gear yet. I did put a brushed HPI Firebolt 15T motor and a 21 tooth pinion. ESC is a HobbyWing Quicrun 1060 Showing the steering. I'm still using the stock tie rods, but there is a lot of play in them. This will be changed soon. With the stock tires, the 15T motor and 21 tooth pinion seemed ok for testing on the street. I then changed the tires to something taller because I liked the added ground clearance. I found the tires on eBay. They stand just as tall as the Lunchbox wheels, and the brand is Kforce. With the taller tires, the motor gets hot real quick, it drains the battery really fast, and feels like it doesn't have brakes. Way too much gear, not enough motor. I have a 9T 4370kv brushless motor and ESC for it that I will be installing today. I also plan to go back to the 17 tooth pinion when I put the brushless setup in there. I'm also still running on NiMh batteries as I have not yet made the jump to LiPo. So, I would say that I am off to a good start with lots of room to improve. Future updates to follow.
  7. Just recently I was considering selling my Cc01 Bowler but have since decided to keep it and spending some money on it. I originally bought it off a mate who wasn't using it. At the time of purchase it was fitted with a Kamtec Bowler shell, GPM steering and rear link kit, knockoff RC4WD tires and powered by a Turnigy 1250kv outrunner controlled by a Yeah racing 35amp esc. Also the rear diff was locked and the front brick cut off. Driving it in that state was fun. The outrunner was as smooth as butter off the line with a light throttle finger. But mash the throttle and it launched hard as well. Since then I've bought Yeah Racing cvds and steering knuckles and a Vaterra 68 Ford F100 shell. This week I'll order some new tires from Hobby King and hopefully get the body mounts sorted. Before: As it sits now: More to come.
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