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SRB front suspension replacements

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I'm not an RC expert at all. I've had this beat up Super Champ since my brother bought it back in the early 80s. In 2014, I modernized it with some spare RC parts my friends gave me.
It's sat in a box in storage until yesterday when I unboxed it (video below).
Sadly, last night while I let my 12 year old play with it, a front lower control arm disappeared in the grass 🙁
I'm hoping to get a newer SRB front end as mine is totally knackered anyway. I notice Tamiya USA still sells the new lower fronts (but not uppers) from the 2014 rerelease. If I get those and the modern ball cups will that fix it? I think someone mentioned I'd need to change the balls on the front stub axles that go into the ballcups to a 5mm?

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