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some questions for the Ta-03 experts over here

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I have a ta-03 rs rere and an vintage ta-03f,  the ta-03f drives the way I like it, I can give it full trottle with a brushless 3000 kv motor and it goes without much wheelspin,it has a lot of grip and  goes always in a straigt line, and it handles very good can turn the car at high speed and the cars drives  like it is on rails.

The ta-03rs no matter what I do it is very tail happy with a lot of oversteer,I have to be very gently on the trotthle or it spins out, on full trottle it always pulls to one side and, it is like a driving a drift car, first I tought it where the tires so I put the same tires on it that I have on my 03f, rebuild the diffs, have change springs to a little softer that only results in grip rolls, have experimented with the pulley so it had more overdrive on the front to give it more front traction, nothing I have done helps, the punch on the esc is on the lowest, I am a little done with the ta-03rs, I have pulled the motor and esc and servo out of it.

So today I was going to all of my ta-03 stuff, and I have enough parts to build another car and more.

I only run the cars on parking lots, so what chassis is the best for that, I have all the parts to build a ta-03fs or another ta-03f, there is a ta-03r chassis tub on the web maybe buy that one to make a long wheelbase off the ta-03rs, or  maybe of just sell the ta-03 cars and all the parts that I have, the are some rare parts like 3 rear ta-03f rear gearboxes, and a brand new ta-03f chassis tub,   ta-03rs in parts, and a lot of spare parts new and used, so if some one makes my a good offer for everything.

Not all the parts are in the pictures I have more😁

Or is it better to build the car with the new parts and then sell so that they are in perfect state, I have an expert build mercedes body that is in mint state.


52176267757_7d6bd32702_k (1).jpg

52177782440_a3e7dd2eb8_k (1).jpg





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