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Mokei Kagaku

Vintage Tamiya vs. vintage Otaki

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A partially built and obviously never run Otaki Mustang Mach 1 was offered on eBay recently and the highest bid was EUR 181. I appreciate that a model of the Mach 1 to most collectors isn't even remotely as desirable as a 934, 935 or Countach and that an early Tamiya RC car in similar condition thus command higher prices. I still suspect the most important reason why an early Tamiya is so much more valuable to collectors is the model brand.

Otaki doesn't exist anymore and while the Mach 1 body is relatively easy to source because Doyusha has (re-)released the static version of Otaki's kit several times, but I think a vintage Otaki kit deserves a little more love. Techncally, early Otaki RC cars were hardly inferior to Tamiya and the bodies of Otaki's 1/12 cars are similar in quality and detailing as Tamiya 1/12 cars. Admittedly, I stopped bidding long before EUR 181 myself, so I'm among the "guilty" collectors too! :blink::D I'm not complaining though. It's amazing that vintage RC cars in quality just moderately inferior to Tamiya, can be had for so little money!

s-l1600 (34).jpg

s-l1600 (35).jpg s-l1600 (36).jpg   s-l1600 (37).jpg s-l1600 (38).jpg  s-l1600 (39).jpg s-l1600 (40).jpg

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