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Resource for Collectors of Tyco RC, Taiyo RC, etc.

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Hello everybody,

Like some of you, apart from my 'main' models (Tamiya, Traxxas, WPL) I also enjoy collecting and driving vintage toy-grade models from the 80s/90s/00s - from Tyco RC, Taiyo, Dickie Toys, and Metro RC.
Eg. Tyco Bandit, Fast Traxx, Jet Hopper, Lamborghini Countach, etc.

There's not much information for us though, so being a data/IT nerd I began building TycoCollectors.com a few months ago. It's taken a lot of time (and cost a bit to be honest) but so far I've documented 253 models. I'm aiming for 600+ so will need some help along the way. Particularly any owners of Dickie Toys and Metro RC, or just rare ones I don't have listed, feel free to contact me, or submit a new model yourself directly on the site! (Home > Submit New Model). The kind of data I document is the basics like 2WD/4WD, scale, etc. but also more detailed stuff like differential type, steering type, motor size, top speed, country of manufacture, etc. And of course photos are always needed.

Anyways, I hope some of you enjoy this, as it makes me happy to create it :-)


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