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Clear "primer" for polycarbonate?

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Not sure if this question is suited to this forum but I'll give it a shot.

I'm looking for a clear polycarbonate paint to act as a primer over which I can apply other types of paint.  I will be painting underside of body so it's important that primer dry perfectly clear so that it doesn't alter the final color.  I'm aware that Tamiya offers a matte clear for poly which should work for my purposes but I've stumbled upon "Polycarb Sparay Base Backing Cover Coat" by Duratrax that might work just as well and will be a better value.

Has anyone here used this paint (or perhaps some other brand) and, if so, does it dry perfectly clear?  Thanks!




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PS-55 Flat Clear, or any polycarbonate clear, had been suggested before.

The one you listed is a BACKING paint, meaning it goes behind the painted color, in white. I use Vallejo primers the same way as this paint, to protect the actual body paint.


4 review down.

There is one more item, Tamiya 87152, but I had not tried it before.

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