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Fun with direct drive

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I've been going back to my direct-drive and pan-car past recently. I have resurrected my old Bolink Digger yet again, and added a Bolink Renault 5 Turbo body from Sabula Tech:


Body has posts in the front, but is hinged at the back on a pair of old servo mounts, so it opens like a funny car.

I also made an impulse purchase a while back, and got it a stabelmate: an RJ Speed Sportsman kit. I built it up as a gasser, with the front suspension reversed for height, old Parma drag slicks in the rear, and Kyosho Icarus wheels and tires in the front. Looks the part.




Going to be powered by an old Trinity Speed Gems Onyx 14x2 motor. Should be sufficient. ;)

More photos after they're painted...

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I’ve been eyeing Bolink cars on eBay.  Not sure why but they do look cool…

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