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Again another Marui project : Super Wheelie and Big Bear...

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Initially, when I got my two 44B chassis, I was at my friend's place to get 2 cars I had a deal on since few months...

The first one is a Super Wheelie (7.2V, not the early version), with a Toytoa Land Cruiser body

The second one is a Big Bear, with Lunchbox wheels (unfortunately, I don't have the chance to get one with nice original tires).

I wanted those cars to model the chassis. And now that I have some ideas on how to proceed for the body shell, I may even do that.

I tore down the Super Wheelie this afternoon, as the project box I was using for the Ninja got free this morning.

The chassis is fairly simple. There is more parts on the bodyshell than on the chassis itself :-)

At the end (it was definitely very quick to get it in parts), this is the content of my box...

The Big Bear should follow at some point as well...

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The Big Bear spent some time on operation table... 

It was even quicker than for the Super Wheelie.

All is now in the box. I've not tore down the bodyshell, this will be for later...

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The chassis is quite simple compared to most of the chassis I dealt with earlier on.
2 sketches, few extrusions and a shell, and we get the front idea already in.

Then we have to do some cuts

After that, I added the rear battery support...

Next is to deal with all the fixation and features of this chassis...

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And the work continued in the afternoon...

I first focus on the front end

Then worked out the rear end and the center

Looking at the measurement precisely, the conclusion is that both chassis I have are 6V versions, which means they are Super Wheelies. The Big Bear was always a 7.2V version... That being said, both gearbox are coming from 7.2V  cars as they include a metal plate... In short, both cars are made from parts...

Here is the 6V chassis completed... (I will have to get the pictures of a 7.2V chassis and measurements to get the 7.2V chassis version).

While doing this, I noted down a chassis deformation on the right side, probably due to the reinforcement on the left side (probably defined this way to protect the gearbox)... Definitely room for improvements...

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Few minutes later... I rechecked the pics and the second chassis is indeed a 7.2V... Fortunately, it is also in the box.

And the chassis is modeled in 7.2V version as well.

NB : antennae support added as well on 6V version.

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As the main gathering for Xmas in my familly is today for the lunch, we had a bit of preparation, but it left me some time to work on some parts modelling...

I started by the Big Bear front arms...

The part design is a little bit cumbersome, but it's easy to get it right once you understand how it is made (observation matters, as usual). I'll have to print a section to check, but I'm almost sure it won't require any modifications... I completed with hardware and joints, and the mirror parts.

Then I switch to the front arms of the Super Wheelie... It's definitely easier to get than the Big bear arm...

The design of the knuckle is similar to the big bear, with a few changes in measurements...

I don't know what I will do next: the gearboxes are still full of grease, and I'm a bit afraid to put them on the table, as my mother won't like this :-)

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As I had to do a detailed post on the chassis différences for another forum  :

In practice, Hump packs 7.2V did not work with the 6V Super Wheelie (1983), because of the bodyshell which was not allowing room for the additional cell over the battery. This chassis was revised in 1984 for the Big Bear, and the revision was later applied in 1985 for the second iteration of the Super Wheelies...

Here is the pics of the 2 chassis together :

On the Big Bear and Super Wheelie reedited, the battery room has been extended on the side, with a different position for the wire cut-outs as well. There was also additional holes prepared (presented drilled on the shemas) to fix the steering servo (on the first super wheelies, it was fixed with double face tape)...

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In the evening, I took the gearbox parts on the desk. I'll take care of the gears later on, but for the time being, i'm only taking care of the gearbox case...

With the 7.2V, Marui introduced a metal plate of .5mm taken in sandwich between both side of the gearbox. I've started by this part. I question myself about using Canvas mode and and I did not use it as the design is quite simple. I may use a canvas at some point to check the design.

The I took car of the left side. The design is easily derived from the motor plate, so it's easy.

Next I took care of the right casing, which is slightly more complex, because it will require to do some independant bodies and cut them before joining them to the gearbox casing...

At the end, I have  the gearbox...

Next I'll complete the gearbox with the rear arms so I have complete suspension, and I'll do this for the Super Wheelie first and then the Big Bear...

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This morning, I decided to start working on the Super Wheelie rigid axle assembly. I'll tackle the Big Bear one later.

First, I completed the gearbox with the motor (no gears yet), and the motor cap. All those part are in the common Gearbox file.

Then I opened a new file, as it is time to create a Super Wheelie fork for the rigid axle assembly (Big Bear will have its own).

Before starting to make the arms, I tackled the wheelie bar (there is none on the Big Bear, I'll have to see later on). This part is weird, it seems it was designed while second thinking and not having the plans in mind. Logically, you would make all the profiles concentric, and it is not.

The other face is directly derived from the first one...

I quickly add the rollers on those

And then I simplified the parachute (I may come back later on this one).

And now it is time to tackle the arms. I started with the left one. The design again is quite simple and easy to read and reproduce, specially when you have the other parts around.

For the right arm, I took the left one, made a mirror, removed whatever was not needed and added the specificities, based on the motor cap holes projection...

And here is the main components of the rigid axle..

Next step : take care of the same elements for the Big Bear...

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Today, I started working on the Big Bear rear arms... Again it is quite easy to read and to draw. I applied the same process as for the Super Wheelie : started by the left one, then took a mirror and changed what was required to make the right arm.

And then we have the Big Bear rigid axle assembly...

Once this was done, I opened a new file to deal with the Super Wheelie gearset...
I started by the diff main gear. 60T, module 0.6 (on the Big Bear V2, they changed and made the transmission on Module 0.8)
This was quite easy to deal with. 

Next was to complete the diff with the bevel gears. All four are 20T (on Big Bear V2, there is 5, but that's for later), which means it is 45° cone.

Later I had my differential completed...

I then completed the transmission, but doing so, I decided to add some ball bearing casing in the left gearbox (in V2, they added one one the right side, behind the motor plate, but not on the left side).

And here is the elements I added in the gearbox and rigid axle...

Here is the gearbox without the left part (without and with the gearbox plate (added in 7.2V versions)...

And the left part with its content without the idle gear...

And the gearbox is complete...

I did further checks (in real, with all in place in the gearbox) : the diff is moving over 2 mm, and is going in contact with the motor plate. This is in line with the model as figured out on the section analysis : my model seems correct.

I would add some washer to avoid any issue : .8mm should be good.

What should I do next : Big Bear transmission or something else?

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As a good friend of me allowed me to have my hands on a Big Bear V2 diff, I did model it.

Small bevel gear are 18T, there is 3 of them, big bevel gear are 27T. They are in mod .8.

First, I started by the easy thing (this is a circular pattern, nothing more complex here).

Then I started to work out the bevel gears 

and a few sketch later...

And with axle (of a differnt diameter for the Big Bear)

Here in situation :

You may note that there is no motor pinion and idle gear yet : I have no clues what they are exactly, except the mod .8. I will have to find out, but I have no gears for this.
Based on the fact the Diff has similar diameter than the 60T mod .6, the smalle gear should be 10T mod .8 to be in correspondance with the 11T Mod .6 of the original idle gear...
The rest is however unclear, and I may have to wait my friend to get back in his big bear transmission to get a view of the reinforced transmission remaining...

In the meantime, I have my axle and diff enclosed in the rigid axle.

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Finally got the required information to complete the Big Bear V2 transmission thanks to a canadian friend.

Idle gear is 9T/25T mod .8

Motor pinion is 11T mod .8

Once there it was easy to put it in the rigid axle assembly to get it completed.

This time my rigid axle innards are complete... It will be time to take care of the rest...

Speaking of that, I started to model the suspension shaft, and the other accessories. The spring are not exact modelisation. I will come back on those later.

I also started to pull a chassis, and start the virtual build with joints...

And basically, this is highly experimental for me. It is sometimes already difficult to joint a shock with pivot balls at each ends, but here it's a pivot ball, and the combination of a cylindrical and a slot, and it's not working the way I want (and I'm not even speaking about the second shaft...

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I decided to cheat and I locked the suspension

and I did the same at the front

For the Big Bear, the next elements will be about the steering servo, servo saver and bumper.

Only thing is that I need to find a Big Bear bumper... And obviously, I need to work out the same for the Super Wheelie, so it looks like the chassis of a car...

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I started the day by some help on the dimensions of the Big Bear Bumper, first by a Marui fan on a facebook group, and then by a french guy on another forum to complete the information
I did not bother make an exact version of the springs, however...

Then I had a look at the Super Wheelie bumper... It's actually a broken CJ-7 bumper (it was easy to model as I had more than the half)...

The Land Cruiser bumper is simpler...

Then I decided to tackle the Super Wheelie assembly (the front springs are actually following an arc, again I did not bother dealigng with this details)... You may note that I took the 6V version of the chassis. As per the instruction manual, there is not a single change in the way the assembly around the chassis is done between 6V and 7.2V versions...

Once there, next step was about the servo saver. There is a lot of parts, and I'm surprised they did not make it symetrical as it was not very difficult to do it from where they were (The big bear is different, it is intergated to the servo horn)...

When there, I thought I have the tires already, and adding  rims should be quite easy. It was indeed relatively quick...

And then I added those beauties to the chassis 

The Big Bear is still work in progress. I have the tires already, I need to deal with the rims, and the servo saver to be at the same level than the Super Wheelie. 

The Big Bear did not have the servo saver, but fortunately, I should have some in the Hunter/Ganter/Galaxy box, as it is common with those models. I'll have to fetch it in the box, and the problem is this requires a lot of motivation : the box is under a box under a box under a box behind a box under a desk behind some stuff, blocked by other boxes :lol:

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Yesterday, I checked my files : I had already the tire model, but also the front rim model for the Big Bear... I made the rear rim as well.

Then there was the servo saver... in the box under a pile of bix behind a pile of box under a desk behind some stuff blocked by a piles of boxes... Had a look at my shelf, and the Hunter is there. I took the screw driver, unmount the steering servo and the servo saver, and this was quick to model (much faster than the Super Wheelie's one as there is less parts).

I finally add all of this to the chassis... and we have the Big Bear chassis...

A quick look into thingiverse tells me there is no point modelling the Big Bear Bodyshell as someone has already done this. I'll download those to add to my Big Bear chassis and get it presentable. I'll have to focus on teh Super Wheelie bodyshell and accessories to complete the car... But that's for later...

And just for the sake of comparison, both chassis sides to side :

Happy new year's eve!

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Received recently an ultrasonic cleaner (target is not only rc activities, so it is bigger than required - 30L).

I put all the parts of both chassis of this thread in it with water plus a bit of dish soap.

one hour later, my parts are all cleaned. There is some polishing still required on the metal gearbox plate (corrosion), and some glue remaining on the servo area on one of the chassis, but beside this, it's clean. (if I compare to the 4-6 hours spent average on each chassis until now, it will be a big time saver).

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First, Happy New Year ! :-)

Yesterday (or last year :-) ), i mentioned a bodyshell on Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1079909 ) and Cults3D (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/marui-big-bear-part-collection). I've briefly tried to play with the STL files in Fusion360, and it was nearly impossible to join them correctly. I contacted the author to see if it was possible to have a single file for the bodyshell. He shortly replied me to drop him my maial address so he can send me a FBX file... And few hours(?) later, I received a FBX file that I uploaded into Fusion360 to see if I could do something with it...

And yeah... It works. I replied back Tor Arne to thanks him, and to tell him the link he sent worked and that I will find out how to do something nice.

This morning or late last night (and still this morning), I quickly transformed the roll bar and fog light meshes into solid. This was impossible for the bodyshell itself : I had to do something for this, as there is no way to add colors on a mesh...
I decided to add some solid bodies to the mesh, trying as much as possible to respect the dimensions set by Tor Arne... And one by one, I finally had what I wanted for the front face, and I did the same for the rear side...

I also used one of the two center parts provided in the file to work out some windows...
At the end this how it looked in my Fusion 360 design file

I then made a few renders...

I sent those renders to Tor Arne this afternoon, and he replied back with pics of his Big Bear in the grass :-) (not a virtual one)

And then I thought about that pic of the Bear prototype, with Super Wheelies tire, and well, why not, I have almost everything to do it :)
I took the Super Wheelie chassis file, switch the rear arms with those of the Big Bear, changed the inclination of the rear arms and reset a few joints, and added spacers between the top of the chassis and the nut on the suspension shaft, and I had just to add the bodyshell...

And here are the renders...

Thanks again to Tor Arne to allow me to play with his bodyshell model...

I still have a lot of work to do on the Super Wheelie, and the bodyshell is quite complex... And I'm not sure I'll do this right away :)

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Yesterday, after my previous post, I put the two cars in the same file, just for fun... It's much better when all the wheels are on the ground :)

And I could not help but adding the Super Wheelie chassis in it...

And I spent the whole night thinking about adding a Super Wheelie body on this chassis...

In the afternoon, I took the Super Wheelie body out of the box...

It's slightly dammaged, I'm still missing a few parts (the windshield support is part of those).
Looking at the body shell, the main difficulty is the bonnet, and beside this, it is a good candidate for solid definition...

I started by putting a plan with the sides definition, an extrusion, then daw a bit of the internals (will have to do seats later on).

Then defined a loft for the bonnet, on a separate body, as I'm not sure it will be shellable

And, yes, unfortunately, it's not shellable... I kept it this way, and applied the shell to the main body, before  merging both bodies...

After that, I played with additional bodies and defined the front face...

I'm stopping here for tonight, but this will be fun... And there is some thing fun coming in my mind right now... But it's too early to talk about this...

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I really need to complete at least one super wheelie bodyshell for the Super Wheelie chassis...

At the end this is just a question of work. Yesterday I took care of the seats...

And with the seat, we may have already an idea of what it will be at the end...

Today, I took care of the rear...

And a lot of details on the top of the rear...

I'm getting there... There is still a lot to deal with in particular on the bonnet, and then it will be all accessories...
This is taking a lot of time, but it's still fun, at least for me :)

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This is pretty cool. The Big Bear also looks a lot larger than the Eagle, for some reason I was expecting them to be closer in size.

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8 hours ago, yogi-bear said:

This is pretty cool. The Big Bear also looks a lot larger than the Eagle, for some reason I was expecting them to be closer in size.

The tires are larger than Lunchbox tires... And by the wy, my Big Bear has rims which were trimmed to fit Lunchbox tires, which is a good option fro driveability, but makes the footprint really smaller than the original Big Bear... I'll have to try different options to see how this car runs with the Lunchbox tires and with original tires (which is still an in progress project)...

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I am in two minds about the Lunchbox tires. I like the look of the original ones, but from the few videos I have seen of the Big Bear in action, the front steering and suspension is not that good, so the smaller lunchbox tires would seem to be a better choice if you wanted a model that drove. I have two Big Bears, so whenever I get around to restoring them, I'd probably have one as original as possible as a shelf queen, and one with lunchbox tires and maybe other modifications to make it drivable.

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A week... Almost what it took for the Hirobo Rock'n City body, but not for the same reasons...

The Marui Super WHeelies were a lot detailed, probably more than many of the competition of that time... And people loved them for this...

There was a few part missing with my body (they are somewhere in a box at the previous owner's place, he still searching for them). In the meantime, I decide to move on... There is simple parts and parts more complex. I'm not going to detail everything...

As I did not have the dashboard which is holding the windhshield, I derived from what was around...

The winch is even more complex than the Hirobo Hilux one... I still need to review the bonnet, as the windshield is supposed to have 2 position - one is next to the roll bar, and the second one is on the bonnet.

The roll bar is also a bit complex, particularly the link between the front section and the rear section, define the plan to create the pipe is not really easy...

When having all the parts done (including the extinguisher, I decided to do something for the dashboard. I found some pics, and someone sent some as well... And I took inspiration of them to do something...

Finally, there was the blinkers... I made some, no clue if the measurement is accurate, as I have none.

Then I changed the materials... to get it slightly more realist...

And you know what, I already modeled the CJ-7 Golden Eagle bumper... I should do something to complete it, no? :lol:  :mrgreen: 

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The overall purpose of the Big Bear chassis modeling was to help a friend who helped me in more than an occasion. He has an almost Big Bear with a broken chassis... And his printer is small...
Today I part the chassis in 3 pieces to allow printing on small desk printer...
Approach is using 6 screws and nut to set sides together (so 12 screws and nut in total).

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After a few hiccups my printer is back online... I had some hard time with it to the point I'm more and more considering than rather than buying new old cars, at some point I should trhow it and replace it by something more reliable...

Anyway, today, I started the test prints for the Big Bear/ Super Wheelie parts...

After the print, I pull the diff I used to do the CAD model, and did try the part in...

It drops in, it works, it meshes, and the overal dimension of the diff is the same than with the original part... That sounds good :)

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