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Again another Marui project : Super Wheelie and Big Bear...

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My car is still waiting for stickers...

In the meantime I'm doing some additional pictures to prepare the two future publications on Cults3D... One for the chassis and one for the bodyshell and accessories...

I also prepared a small support fitting the chassis...

And I printed it...

The text is not visible in full you have to look thru different angles to read it, but I like it and the tires are no longer on the ground... This will be complement of the Super Wheelie bodyshell. I need to work out a different support for the Big Bear, as here it is not high enough, and the chassis is not enough for the support as the gearbox may tilted the car if supported the same way...

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The Big Bear got the same treatment, with larger parts, and with the rear hook under the axles...

Obviously the print took was way longer...

This is another element done...

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