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TT-02 Type-S chassis with rubber bushing’s (well it’s actually silicone tubing)

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Upon assembling the Type-S, I found the metal mounts gave some play F and R.

Had some nitro-tube and thought that this might go as bushings? Just like a real car carries rubber bushings in the suspension.

Although, not rubber but silicone tubing, I’d cut some small pieces of nitro-tube @ 3-4mm in length. Insert them in the mounting hole, add a drop of damper oil for an easy steel-shaft push fit.

The nitro-tubing I have is OD 5,5mm and ID 3mm. When the tubing is pushed to fit the ID will decrease slightly making it a tight fit.

Add spacer’s for wheelbase of choice. The spacers also keeps the tube in place.

No play what so ever as for the steel-shaft mounting.

Will this hold up when the car it put through it’s paces? Sorry to say, I do not know. Yet.

What do you think, could this hold up for some serious driving? What’s your thought’s?

Just thought, I’d share the idea c'',)




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The play you are describing was a huge surprise when I built my Type S. I reduced it by jamming tiny pieces of Teflon tape (the thin white tape that is used for plumbing) between the suspension shafts and the steel suspension mount as well as between the steel bushing and the bore inside the lower deck. It only helps with part of the play though. The other part is the suspension shafts moving inside the arms themselves. The holes in the arms are just too large. I would have preferred them to be tighter and leaving it to the builder to ream them to 3mm.

I ended up selling that car after a year or so and focusing on the regular TT-02's that are cheaper/simpler (not helpful to you but just some info on my experience).

Note that in the end, play or not, the Type S is a far superior chassis than the regular TT-02. It is just a annoyance to the OCD folks that the lower arms wiggle so much.

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