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TC first / eBay on Sun : Vintage Clear Out 1976 to 2016 - Various RC, Batteries, Tools + Hop Ups

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Evening all,

I’m downsizing to focus on things I’ll actually get time to build when I finally retire.

Some NIB kits will follow but (for now) I’m clearing out the vintage RC sets, batteries, chargers, tools and hop ups I’d carefully assembled to build the best of each.

Most are NIB - with the odd mint / used imported from Japan. Some are now incredibly rare. 

There’s a long list below - which will go on eBay 1900 GMT on Sun eve unless I can help anyone out here ?

To be clear, I won’t reply to any new, low ball opportunists - you’ll be blocked and noted - but will happily help genuine / long standing members who know the value of what’s on offer / and how much it took to cover its cost. 

Please PM me before the eBay listing starts if any interest 👍

Thanks in advance,


Vintage Tamiya Batteries / Chargers

Tamiya 6v Battery 5502 

Tamiya 6v Battery + Charger 5501 

Tamiya 6v Quick Charger 5506 

Tamiya 7.2v Quick Charger 5510 SOLD

Tamiya 1700SCRC + Charger SOLD

Tamiya 6v 4000 mAh Battery SOLD


Vintage Futaba RC Sets

Futaba Ripmax FP 2GS / FD-33 SOLD

Futaba Attack FP-2NBR SOLD

Futaba Attack FP-2NL / FP-S28 SOLD

Futaba 4YWD SOLD


Vintage Tamiya RC Sets

Tamiya RC AdSpec Plus Set (TX / CPR 160F / TPS 148) 45014 1 SOLD

Tamiya Finespec Set (TX / RX / TEU 105BK /  Servo / Battery / Charger) 45053 SOLD


Vintage Tamiya TRF Tool Sets

Tamiya TRF Tool Set (red / full) 49292 2002 SOLD

Tamiya TRF Tool Set (blue / full) 49267 SOLD

Tamiya KTC Limited Edition Tool Set 67037 


Vintage Tamiya TRF Stands, Setting Boards & Towel

Tamiya Limited Edition Setting Board (red) 49290 SOLD

Tamiya Limited Edition Maintenance Stand (blue) 49224 SOLD

Tamiya TRF RC Car Maintenance Stand (blue) 42371 SOLD

Tamiya Motor Case 53634 SOLD


Tamiya Hop Ups 



Tamiya CS FRP Chassis 5123 

Tamiya RM01 Carbon Suspension Arm 54461 SOLD

Tamiya RM01 Suspension Arm (F) 1481 SOLD

MaxSpeed TA02SW Carbon Fibre Chassis + Damper Tower Set (Porsche 934 / 230mm wb)  SOLD



Tamiya Gear Case & Motor Set RS 540 Countach / Porsche 936 1072 SOLD

Tamiya RS 540SD Sprint Motor 1136

Tamiya RS 540SD Endurance Motor 5200 SOLD

Tamiya FL Tuned Motor (30t) 54392 SOLD

Tamiya 18T, 20T, 22T & 24T Pinion Gear 5090 / 5175 SOLD

Tamiya 18T, 20T, 22T & 24T Pinion Gear 139 SOLD


ESC / Electrics

Tamiya Volac BL2 Brushless ESC 42144 SOLD 

Tamiya TEU-302BK ESC 45028 SOLD 

Tamiya Circuit Breaker 5105 

Tamiya Futaba BEC Type A 250

Tamiya Flat Wound Resistor 5218 x2



Tamiya Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set 53164 SOLD

Tamiya Skyline Speed Tuned Gear Set 51127 SOLD

Tamiya One Way Front Differential 53200 SOLD

Tamiya 936 Differential Bearings 5036

Tamiya 850 Ball Bearing Set 1073 SOLD

Tamiya Differential Ball Bearing Set 5248

Tamiya TA03 Ball Bearing Set 53265 SOLD

Tamiya RC 4x4 Vehicle Slipper Clutch Set 54412 SOLD



Tamiya Special Steering Set 5079 SOLD

Tamiya Ball Link & Adjuster Set 5068 

Tamiya Special Rod End Set 5144

Tamiya Hi Torque Servo Saver Set 51000 

Tamiya Aluminium Horn for HT Servo Saver (blue) 54121 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium Servo Stays (blue) 49092 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium Servo Stays (silver) 53596 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium Servo Step Screw (blue) 54862 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium King Pins (blue) 49068 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium King Pins (silver) 53157 SOLD

JazRider TT02 Aluminium Steering Assembly (silver) SOLD


Suspension / Stabilisers

Tamiya Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set 53098 

Tamiya 4WD Touring & Rally Car Rear Stabiliser Set TA02 53189 SOLD

Tamiya TA04 Racing Stabiliser Set 53676 

Tamiya Aluminium 3 x 23mm Turnbuckles (blue) 54248  SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium 3 x 23mm Turnbuckles (titanium) 53526 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium 5mm Aluminium Ball Nuts x10 (blue) 53640 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium 5mm Ball Connectors x10 (blue) 53642 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium 5mm Ball Connectors x10 (gold) 50592 SOLD

Tamiya 3x18mm Aluminium Turnbuckles (blue) x6 54247 

Tamiya 3x18mm Turnbuckles (titanium) 53525 SOLD

Tamiya 5mm Low Friction Adjusters 54489  SOLD

TamTech Gear GB01 Reinforced Suspension Shaft Set 40506



Tamiya Super Low Friction Dampers (blue)  49099 SOLD

Tamiya TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (gold) 53280 SOLD

Tamiya TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (black) 49089 SOLD

Tamiya Aluminium Damper Retainers (blue) 54776  SOLD

Tamiya Touring Car On Road Spring Set (white) 47447 SOLD

Tamiya TRF Damper Springs (black) 42168 SOLD

Tamiya 5.5mm Aluminium Spacer Set 53539 SOLD

Tamiya Damper Oils - S / M / H - 53025 / 53026 / 53027 SOLD


Tyres / Wheels

Tamiya Diplo Tyre Set 1075 SOLD

Tamiya Sponge Tyres (F +R) 55 / 57 SOLD

Tamiya Road Wizard Tyre Set (F) 5277 SOLD

Tamiya Super Grip Radial Tyres (F) 53214

Tamiya Aluminium 4mm Anodised Wheel Nuts (gold) 53161 SOLD

Tamiya Pin Type Wheel Adapter 53056 SOLD

Tamiya TamTech Gear GT-01 Mesh Wheels 40145 (F) / (R) 40555 SOLD

Tamiya TamTech Gear GT01 935 Dish Wheels


Tamiya Toyota Bruiser / Mountain Rider 9000359 B Parts (Wheel Bag) SOLD


Decals / Drivers

Tamiya Porsche 956 Racing Sticker Set (Canon / IKEI / Newman) 5222 

Tamiya Group C Cockpit  Set 50460 

Tamiya Touring Car Cockpit Set 54157 

Tamiya TamTech Gear Porsche 934 Vaillant Wing Parts Set SOLD



TamTech Gear GT01 Titanium Screw Set 40550


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Received  @SuperChamp82 - thanks for keeping me updated with postage - arrived super quick!

An absolute pleasure doing business with you :D

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