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Tyco Bandit with Losi Mini-T and 3D Printed Parts

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Decided to bring an old friend back to life with some parts from Ampro engineering from Shapeways and my own 3D printed parts.

  • Ampro Engineering independent front suspension upgrade and front bumper
  • Losi Mini-T rear suspension and transmission w/3D printed adapter
  • Made a new floor since the old battery compartment is no longer being used, so there's more room for electronics and lowers the center of gravity
  • 3D printed wheels
  • 3D printed rear tires in rubber-like F80 resin
  • Losi Mini-T front and rear shocks
  • Hot Racing Spool for Mini-T 2.0
  • Losi MIP CVD axles
  • MG90 steering servo
  • 2440 Brushless motor
  • SkyRC stability control gyro
  • 3200mah lipo







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