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Buggy rear shocks length

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Yesterday I started to think about one thing, in terms of buggy suspension.

Why rear shocks are so long compared to front? It seems that in most cases, shock travel is limited in reality by chassis touching ground.

Of course you can say that car can land bit on one side, so chassis will not limit travel. It is true but front shocks will be too short in that case.

So what is the reason, that rear shocks are so long? Why they are not the same on front and rear? Touring, rally cars etc. has the same shocks on both ends.

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Shorter rear shocks (or longer front shocks) have been tried a few times on 1/8th race buggies. Have a search on RCtech to look at the conversations. If I remember correctly the general points were as follows:

  • Longer shocks mounted further out on the arm work better,
    • Mechanical play is effectively reduced
    • Piston speed is increased, which makes tuning easier. Both pack and high speed movement, which is tricky in the simple dampers RC vehicles have

But I also think there's a lot of "fashion" in having longer rear shocks and shorter fronts. I think with super high grip carpet tracks in 1/10th someone will release a vehicle with much smaller shock towers and short shocks at some point but this hasn't happened yet.



EDIT see this thread


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In real cars of this type, there's no weight on the front?, and all the engine weight over the wheel.

Certainly, in a Volkswagen beach buggy/ frame/sandrail , I could see the benefits of longer rears.

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