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advice needed: vintage Futuba v CPR

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Hey, I could do with some opinions/advice on this please, because I keep going round and round in circles.

Subject: Original Egress - restoration project.

It came with a Futuba radio set: MC112B esc, FP-R102JE receiver and FP-s148 servo - all of which is nice quality kit, age and spec appropriate and works with the Dynatech 02H fitted. I don't have a matching transmitter - if someone could tell me what would be right, I'd very much appreciate that.

Now, as with most of my restorations/builds, I like to build to the "hop-up" spec available at the time, so if I was to go by the "hop up" page in the manual I should have a Dynatech 01R and a CPR-P100F. I have a spare Dynatech 01R I could fit, but as it has an 02H already, it would seem a bit silly to "downgrade" it, but that is an option. If I went for the 01R I could then fit a CPR-P100F, but if I kept the 02H I'd need to get a P160F. The other option would be to keep the Futuba radio set which would work with either.

To further muddy the waters, I already have a CPR-P160F and Adspec transmitter in my Avante, so in theory I could just get the CPR P160 unit itself (fun fact, the TP-S148 servo that came with the CPR set is actually the Futuba FP-S148 servo with a Tamiya sticker on it, so I wouldn't need to replace it - I think that's right, happy to be corrected though) and use the same Adspec transmitter.

So basically the options are:

  • Get a Futuba transmitter for the existing radio set and keep the Dynatech 02H
  • Get a CPR-P100F complete set and retrofit a Dynatech 01R
  • Get a CPR-P160F receiver, use the Adspec transmitter and Futuba servo I have and keep the 02H

If anyone has continued to read this far - thank you! :)

If anyone has any thoughts (regarding these options, not my mental state please) I'd love to hear them :) 

Thank you!!


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If it was me, I'd keep the car as original as possible so I'd do option A and get an appropriate Futaba transmitter  :)  Think of it as a Hop-Up to the original Hop-Up  ;)

A quick Google suggests you're looking for an Attack Sport or Magnum Sport.

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I would go for option 1, that’s just the purist in me talking.

I m also rebuilding an original Egress and have been wrestling with similar options, it came with a technigold, part of me wants to fit a O2H that I have spare but I have decided the car has probably had that technigold fitted for around 30 years, it’s going to stay

ultimately you can make a choice now and always change it up later, sometimes I change motors in vintage shelters for the sake of it ……

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