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Help with vintage motors

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Hi, I recently bought a couple of used F103 (F103RX and LM) 
with some vintage motors and ESCs.
I am used to newer stuff so I need help on a few things.
1. Can you help me identify those motors?
I can see this one is an LRP V10 but don't know anything about the specific model. Could it be 13T x 2?
The gauge of the wire looks quite thin to me. The pitch is very high, sounds amazing.---
The other one is GM racing but can't identify the model. The closest thing I've found is a GM Racing purple. 
Any idea about model and turns? The gauge of the wire looks quite thick, opposite to the LRP one. The pitch here different, not too high and milder more silent.
both gauges together, left GM right LRP, three poles both. No ROAR numbers.

My guess is both are from around 1999-2003 ?¿
Any special value? My idea is to use them, unless I might have a jewel in which case I might sell them, but stickers are in quite bad condition..
2. The motors where paired with these ESCs
LRP indy 200 and GM V12.
I ma not plannig to use the ESCs, not sure if work, too much hustle for me to set them up.. 
Can I use these motors with a modern ESC like a hobbywing 1060 and 2s lipos? I understand I can but if both are lower than 18T I can fry the ESC right? So I should get a better ESC for brushed?
I know the Schotky diode can't be used in reverse mode, so I plan to remove it because I am not a runner, but should I keep these capacitors if I decide to use them with newer ESC?

Thank you!

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Closest stuff I found on the internet. 



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