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Loft find…. Bullhead and King Cab

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I remember my big bro having a King Cab and Bullhead back in the early 90’s, and he thought they had been lost/thrown away in subsequent house moves. Today I had a look in my parents loft and there they were….hidden in the corner !

Obviously very excited and my bro has no interest in restoring them himself so I’m keen to take them on but I have no experience at restoring kits, I’ve only ever built new ones, so I’d love to get some advice from someone who has restored one or both of these.

FYI, I’m not necessarily looking to restore as strictly vintage- I’m happy to put modern electronics in these. Both kits chassis appear intact but on a quick inspection I can already see that they’ll both need new wheels/tyres, new shocks, new body mounts and I’m sure some other parts when I get a proper look at them.
im more interested in how easy it will be to get parts?

how much it could cost to restore? 

And just any general advice that you great bunch can share with me?

I realise this is quite subjective and can fluctuate quite a lot in different countries ( I’m in the UK)  I would include photos but for some reason I can’t upload them!

Thank you


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Nice find. I would start with the Bullhead as it shares the chassis with the Clod Buster and parts shouldn't be a problem. Start with getting the manual if it is not there. Then start to disassemble the truck, rate every single part and screw and make a catalog of parts which needs to be replaced. When I restore a car I always try to refurbish as many parts as possible and only buy new what is not salvageable. 

It's hard to say what it will cost as the overall condition is the main factor. 

Good luck with the restoration!


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The poor King Cab. There's some work casting its shadows before. Those were so cool to drive but unfortunately cursed with a weak differential spur gear. I ruined mine on the first run (maybe fastened not tight enough). But a member (from Canada when I remember correctly) of this forum gave me a Thorpe diff. But I never ran it after that. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that this chassis family (King Cab, Hilux Monster Racer & Astute) were better in handling and maintenance than some modern ones ... if there hasn't been the issue with the differential.



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