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XV-01 Dog Bones Rattling Sound

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I had to set steering EPA to 80%, because of steering lock, which is totally normal and fine.

However, I found that with turned wheels, I hear rattling sound of Dog Bones. To not hear it, I need to set EPA to 50%.

What in that case? Should I leave EPA on 50% or just run on 80%?

I know that CVDs are solution, but I do not want to buy if it is not necessary.

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I think what he means is on the neck of the dog bone.  Fuel tubing can be thick. That could limit the articulation.  You could try tape to see if that could reduce the noise.  If it does, you could try heat shrink tube.  Tape won't last long. The idea is the same as what Powell said, but thinner.  If the drive cup touches the dogbone, eventually it can cut through whatever is on the neck.  


When the dogbone and A-arms are perfectly horizontal ==, it shouldn't be moving side to side.  If it does, you could try o-ring cut in half like a bagel, to reduce the slop.  

Or you can use the Tamiya pink sponges.  I don't really like these. They have to be almost as hard as o-rings in order to push the dogbone.  But if they are, what's the point?    


I put springs in the drive cups (wheel side).  Springs are cut and shaped from ball point pens. This pushes the dogbones up to the gearbox.  Springs are held in the cup in the empty o-ring space.  The dogbone and the drive cup have the same RPM.  It only wiggles in about 30 degree cone.  Grease allows that movement.  I've widened the spring that meets the tip, for stability.  I've only ran enough to see that it runs, so I cannot attest to the longevity of this mod.  But this does get rid of the slop as it can reliably squish and extend about 4-5mms.  (This photo shows one stuck to the end of the dog bone by the grease I applied, and another one inside the cup. I use 1 per cup. I just wanted to take a photo of what it looks like when it's inside too.)  Graphite would work better than grease on dusty fields.  



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