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New Video on my King Cab: 3D printed addon parts!

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A video vor all Tamiya King Cab (and Hilux Monster Racer) fans! If you are interested in some of this parts, check out the sales section in this forum :)


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It is done: The two brothers “The King” and “Mad King” are now both equipped with all my 3D printed parts like dirt cover and cockpit mounts. And both feature a fully operational digital dashboard. Can you tell them apart without the body?

Only “The King” is equipped with a GPS for real speed display, an articulated driver head, engine sound, light kit, Ampro parts and a Traxxas gearbox (for now)

If you are interested in the printed Parts for your King Cab/Monster Racer check out my video above or the "for sale" section in this forum: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/105833-3d-printed-upgrade-parts-for-the-tamiya-king-cab/







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I like your work from an engineer's point of view.

But to be honest, I would rather see this equipment in a (non-Tamiya) scaler/crawler than in King Cab/Monster Racer 😊


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