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How to brake with an RWD onroad car?

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14 hours ago, Verskis said:

Does anybody know, how much rear toe could I achieve, if I changed the rear suspension pin holder to this?

The inner mounts are XM, that means that you can get up to 3,5deg.


Thinking about it, the XV-01 suspension has quite low roll center, which can also contribute to Slow side-to-side weight transfer. You can try to shim the arm mounts and inner pivot on the tie rod to compensate.

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Lots more rear toe in for sure.

If you can try lowering the inner front camber link mounts to raise the roll centre. This will resist roll if the rear gets excited. 

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On 2/14/2024 at 4:23 AM, OoALEJOoO said:

@Verskis After converting several TT-01E and TT-02 to RWD, FWD, some with and without flipped one-ways (for 4WD braking), I can say that what makes a tremendous difference is the setting of the free-wheeling diff. This is from first-hand experience in parking-lot racing.

In your case, you can keep the front diff and lock it. You can also try just stiffening it, but locking is probably the best starting point. This will keep the XV-01 fully RWD, as the front wheels will still just freely spin, but it will really transform the car. It will improve braking stability, corner entry and also on-power corner exit. The downside is that it will add some understeer, but this can easily be corrected with driving technique.

I would even add that the front diff setting on a RWD car has so much impact, that I am surprised why regular high-end RWD kits do not have a front diff.

Using a diff or spool on a non-driven axle is interesting. I'm not completely sure I want to add the complexity, even if quite minor, to the car. In my opinion, one of the nicest features on 2wd cars is the simplicity.

Should be pretty easy to test that though. Maybe I'll try it if I can't get the car to behave without.

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