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Absima R6WP / Etronix ET1162 Receiver - Fail Safe?

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OK, I have an Absima CR6S transmitter, bound to several Etronix ET162 receivers, that are identical to the Absima R6WP receivers (just rebranded Etronix) and I'm trying to find out if they have a fail safe, and how to set it up (if it has one).

The manual states it does have, and I quote "With brake and fail safe out-of-control protection function" ...and that's it. It doesn't mention anything about the fail safe function. All that happens when signal is lost is the servo resets back to centre.

I have found out that if you press the button on the Absima / Etronix receiver 3 times, the LED changes from green to a yellow. And if you then press the button once, it flashes red then back to yellow again. There is nothing about this in the manual, nor is there anything... ANYTHING... when I Google search. It's almost like no-one has EVER asked this question, nor has it been documented anywhere.

So does anyone out there know IF the Absima / Etronix receivers have a fail safe and if so, HOW do you set it up? I want to have the brakes applied when it loses signal.

Please and thank you!

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