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Wanted - Super Astute G Parts

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Hi all,

I have build a Madcap Super Astute hybrid monster which is missing a front brace from the G Part Tree from the Super Astute.

Several google searches have turned me blanks so I am now looking for some community support. I ran the Madcap Astute Hybrid last year and thankfully it help up but the backyard track has a small jump for 2024 and I am worried that the front will just cave in without support.


Here is the project completed.


And one showing the missing front brace (I was working on the front shocks at the time.

Any help would be appreciated!





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I’m not sure you need it or if it fits with the Madcap front bulkhead.  ORB Racing parts 3D printed via Shapeways are very good but get the matching ORB front bulkhead.  

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