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!! Please read this if you want to use this site.

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We run a family website, so content should remain suitable for all age groups at all times. The site is also global which also means that although the forum is in English it is not always someone's native tongue so we ask everyone to be patient and think about what they post and what they read.

Rules for all members

There are some basic rules that all Tamiyaclub members MUST follow if they want to continue their membership.

1. Each model you have may only be entered into your showroom ONCE.

2. Each item you have for trade may only be entered in your traderoom ONCE.

3. All items in your showrooms, trade rooms or posts in any of the forums must be Radio Control related.

4. All members have agreed to received occasional news letters from the site, plus contacts from visitors to the site via the 'contact a member' facility. No emails are every disclosed any where on the site, unless you choose to give them in any text you may enter for any of your items

5. Members must classify their items as accurately as possible. For an item to be classified as one of the car models listed it must be at least 25%-50% of a completed model - otherwise it should be categories under as 'parts'

6. Swearing or aggressive/abusive posts of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes obvious misspellings of words and asterisking out certain letters, where the clear intention is to swear. If you really do not have the vocabulary to express yourself any other way then the whole word must be asterisked out.
Images or videos containing abuse or swearing are also not permitted

7. Anyone that in any way promotes any material which may be considered obscene and/or pornographic will have their membership revoked.

8. Members are responsible for all text they write.

9. Repeat offenders will have their membership revoked.

10. Members that do not have a valid email address listed will have their membership revoked (Please check yours by sending a message from your details page)

11. Any members that manipulate/re-add their entries to artificially promote them on the home page will have their membership revoked. Trade items may only be re-entered if the details of what is on offer (eg the price) change considerably. Offering the same thing, with slightly different wording, our counting down hours to an auction finish does not count.

12. Please keep signature images under 300 x 50 pixels, anything else is too overpowering on the page, especially if you have several replies on the same page.

13. Do not post in ALL CAPITALS

14. Do not start threads or post comments 'trashing' eBay items - eBay item linking is permitted in threads in order to help other members, but not for the purpose of discussing seller's prices, descriptions etc. Each seller has the right to choose what price they sell at and how they go about it.

15. It is inevitable that members will post things about other people which range from 'not be complimentary' to 'downright scandalous'. If you feel you are wrongly being accused of something then let the admins know and we will sort it out. If you take things into your own hands and start making heated replies it makes our job much harder and chances are the admins will have to then take action against both parties. The same is true when you see statements about other people that you feel are unfair - just let us have the details.
Bottom line is don't be drawn into personal arguments. Keep your cool let us know and we will sort it out.

16. People that spam this forum or any other with links to their auctions, will have their membership revoked. If you have multiple auctions going live the same day - put them all in the same post.

17. If a trade ad is no longer applicable (item is sold/bought etc.) please do not reply to the trade ad, just edit the thread title and/or relevant post. This stops threads getting bumped unnecessarily

18. Due to recent legal issues, no manufacturer is permitted to advertise reproduction parts on any part of Tamiyaclub. Adverts for reproductions of (but not limited to) decals, bodyshells, driver figures, tyres are all banned. This is for products from all related manufacturers, not just Tamiya
Links to sites distributing repro goods will also be removed and any 'homemade' products bearing branding or art will also be deleted.

Wanted ads or posts for repro goods will also be deleted.

19. Avatars must be RC related. To add an avatar, please refer to This Post

Dues to time pressures for our admins it is likely that posts which contradict these rules will be deleted (because it easier) rather than edited. We will of course justify our actions if requested to do so by email.

Please also refer to the Tamiyaclub User Agreement



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