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What model is this ????????????

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Hi all, just got this off a mate, he doesn't know what is?  Needs a lot of TLC, & i mean a lot.

The wheels are tamiya:

Chassis is quite deep

TAMIYA racing BALLOON Tire - pins on the front - 56-106-56-06 - RIBBED

TAMIYA racing BALLOON Tire - hex on the rear - 56-106-56-04 - SPIKED

Looks like a standard 540 motor

An old speed controller

Pretty large shocks all-round

I have put a battery in and it is only moving reverse (at top whack too - gets very hot)

Does anybody know what this model is?

Grateful for any reply.


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[:)] Nice one SGNAS, thanks for your your reply.

A little studying to do now [;)]

Thanks again.

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