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Holiday Buggy Battery

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Hi there

This is my first post as I've just joined today!

Have have recently retrieved by Holiday Buggy from the loft after at least 20 years inactivity. I managed to leave the old batteries in the RC so they had all leaked but fortunately I have managed to clean up the contacts and the RC now works fine.

The rechargeable Car battery pack however has leaked a bit and looks fairly dead! The original battery is a Tamiya Ni-Cd 5n-1200SC Packed Battery 6 volt whic runs the standard RS-380S motor.

Can anybody advise whether the original battery can be replaced with a more modern one or if the original type can stll be purchased in the UK?

Many thanks

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Old battery is long out of stock but you could put any modern 6V pack or a custom build 7.2V hump pack, more here


Hi. Much like the original poster of this thread, I've just joined today and also just dug my Rolf Biland B2B Sidecar + Acoms 2-channel r/c from the roof after many years inactivity and (of course!) the original 5N-1200SC 6V 1200mAh battery pack is as dead as the proverbial.

The two threads above are no longer available, and not being an electrical wizard I'd be grateful if someone could answer me the following...

- It has the original motor (I can't see any model/part number) so is a 7.2V pack OK since the original is a 6V pack?

- I don't want to burn it out so is there any limit on the mAh rating I can use or is it just a case of the more mAh the longer it runs between recharges?

- Having read the dire warnings on Time Tunnel Models website, I guess if I buy a new NiMH pack then I also have to buy a new charger (rather than use the old one for the old NiCd pack) - any recommendations on a charger?

Many thanks in advance...

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Yes, basically. You need a charger that say's it's right for NiMH. They "peak" a lot softer than NiCD, so it's luck of the draw if a NiCD charger would detect the peak, and end up with over charging and hot-hot-kabblewwie..

The RS380 was rated in the Guidebook of being 6-12V, so it's fine on 6 cells, but if you want your gears to survive, I suggest sticking to 5 cell, 6volt pack.

1/5th racers (sometimes) use a 5 cell, sub c pack for their receivers, so check out those guys, and where they buy their stuff. All you need is a pack with the cells sitting side by side, top to toe.

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