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im on the fence RE a comical hornet... it looks cool  but its going to cost more than then lunchbox by $50 and its not that much smaller than the normal lunch box... i dont have a weird idea for it just yet but the new driver does give me a weird idea. the kiit looks cool and neat but my voice of reason is resisting rather strongly. if i dont give in in a week then i might reconsider it. i learned with the lunchbox that decisions within 48hrs arent the best idea generally when you have enough kits to worry about.

i had to search ebay to order 0.6mod 18T pinion gear on ebay as my order from Amain got lost or some BS and ended up being cancelled and mostly refunded. found 2 that should work on ebay.

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Took out the Sanwa RX out of the M05ver2 and installed it into the LRP S18 TC, Nothing much done on the car its in perfect condition.

did blow air clean it on a compressor. and Installed the RX and its finished. Nice blue antenna tube.







Sanwa MX-V TX RX

LRP Ai Micro ESC

LRP 112218 S18 Tuning Motor 

Carson Full Size Digital Servo (not sure but probably 3-4kg)


Now I am looking for small 2s LiPos and I am ready to go. I need also to find out if a CF chassis conversion is a striaght bolt on?

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11 hours ago, chuckjaywalk said:

Took my RC10 B6.3D to the track for the first time on Friday. First practice lap, one of my shocks popped apart and emptied. I bought more shock oil, rebuilt it, and went to register. I needed a body hole for the transponder and had to ask for help. Regulars took a look at my buggy, only the second kit I've ever bought, and were mildly bemused. They reassembled a few things, added screws to places I'd missed them, and got me on the track. I made it one lap before I broke my servo. That ended my first night of racing. I marshalled the next race, learned to fear 1/8 scale buggies, and went home.

Not sure when I'll be able to replace the servo, so racing is on hold for the moment. 

That sounds a lot like my first race meet a few years ago. I had bought a second hand car and the diffs were installed the wrong way around so the car went backwards, also broke my steering servo and finished early. So glad i stuck with it though, its loads of fun once you've worked out a few things! 

For servos, I've found the Savox 1258TG to be great bang for buck. I've bought all mine secondhand and they have never missed a beat, but even new price is pretty decent for how good they are.

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Took the cars up to the St.Ives track for a bit of a fun morning with some mates. Got about 6 laps in when I did this. Well darn, that put a damper on things (so to speak). I managed to clip one of the metal stakes used to hold the track edging. No other damage, just a very neatly sheared off suspension mount. <_<
Luckily I had some spares from the Comical Hornet which fit, although they are black, not yellow so it will just have to look mis-matched.

I had the Comical Hornet with me so we had a bash around the carpark instead.


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