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Tamiya Sand Scorcher Look-a-like 4x4 On Ebay!

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Tamiya Sand Scorcher 'look-a-like' 4X4!!!

This is my Sand Scorcher look-a-like. It's basically a 1-peice lexan beetle shell on a modern tamiya 4 wheel drive shaft driven chassis. (A TL-01 i think??)

The shell has the usual bumps and scrapes from being run but has no major splits or cracks. It has a brand new ariel tube too.

It has a nice set of copper anodised alloys as well as a full set of copper anodised oil-filled shocks. It goes and handles really well.

It's fitted with a brand new Super Stock TZ can with the following specs:

Super Stock Motor TZ is designed to realize heightened balance at both higher RPM and torque performance. Brush holders provide large surface for transferring electricity to commutator. Slits on motor allow heat dissipation. Brush dampers heighten contact with commutator and color anodized brush heatsinks (red, black) are equipped on end bell. This motor is re-buildable for maintenance.

Super Stock Motor TZ

A high performance motor for electric radio control car use.

A high torque motor designed for endurance race or low speed track.

Can be disassembled for maintenance.

Blue anodized end bell with brush dampers.

Features terminal heat sink and detachable chip capacitor.

23 turn motor

Usable voltage: 7.2V

R.P.M. at best efficiency: 26,500rpm (7.2V)

Torque at best efficiency: 500g-cm (7.2V)

JRM certified motor.

It's already fitted with a steering servo so just add a battery, esc and a radio set and your racing!!!

Low starting price so grab yourself this new vintage!!!!! :)


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