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Please Help! Dont Understand Painting Instructions In Manual 58018 F2 Ralt Rt2 Hart 420r

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Hi guys,

i'm about to restore the old Ralt F2 car. The problem is the manual that we have in the database is just in japanese so i don't understand what colors they mean.

In the instruction it looks like some kind of 2 tone look maybe blue and yellow or blue and white. The crazy thing is on the boxart there ist the car just completely blue. And the next crazy thing is that in the manual there is another version of the car with the number 5 on it with parmalat decals. But these stickers wont be delivered with the car as much as i know. Does anyone know who drove this version with number 5? I heard maybe mansell drove such a Ralt for some races but im absolutely not sure......

If somebody could help me i would be very pleased......maybe someone who understands japanese language....

if you want to take a look at the manual its the car:


page: 14,15

thanks a lot :)

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Hi i have a manual here f2 ralt rt2 hart 420r not sure if its the same as yours....

dont know if this will help my manual is in english, its saying two drivers...... light green helmet is brian henton's car....black helmet is rad dougall's....

gun metal for the : exhaust pipes.

chrome silver for the : turned parts of aluminum and plated parts.

matt black for the : figure parts and radiator.

matt white for the : drivers mask.

matt red for the : stripes on figure.

matt fleash for the : figure face.

aluminum for the : aluminum parts. :D

light sea grey for the : stripes on figure . :lol:

lol its saying 14 diffrent colours :angry:

here goes...white....red...green...french blue.....maroon...orange...clear....black...blue.....yellow.....alminum...metalic red...metalic blue.......metalic green...

i would not like to paint this lol more colours than the rainbow.....

craig :lol:

hope its the one after all that lol even in english it makes no sence to me

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Yes i think youre right. This is simply crazy :) do you have the possibillity to scan these 2 pages for me?

I've added the japanese version of the page for everyone.

greetings and thanks



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