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Idea For Cleaning Parts

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Hi all,i done a quick search and couldnt find details of this method I use for cleaning parts.It seems to be ideal for plastic,metal and even tyres.

What I do is fill up a bucket with warm water (best place is from the shower head at normal temp) while adding washing machine detergent( tried diff ones and the cheaper the better).Once the bucket has filled and the powder has dissolved into bubbly froth,add the parts to be cleaned.I find it easier to get the bigger blobs of muck off first.Make sure all the bits are submerged as some will float.I fill the bucket to the rim and then place a lid on it to keep the parts under.

Now simply leave overnight.

The enzimes in the detergent actively "eat" the dirt,grease and oil from the parts.Once you drain the bucket you'll notice all manner of nasty gunk in the bottom!

Now all thats left to do is ensure you rinse all the parts with fresh water and/or a quick rub with a toothbrush or nail brush.

The reason for the rinse is to avoid leaving any residue on the parts,as the detergent will show as white crusty powder on alloy parts and in seems and gaps.Check items like SRB front suspenion poles as these require flushing to ensure that they dont clog up.You will be able to feel the residue as it will give a sort of slimey feel to plastic and tyres.

The beauty of this method is the detergent seeks out and sticks to the mucky hard to reach places and removes it,far better than using more aggressive methods.

Also the parts will not be attacked by any chemicals as the detergent is suitable for use with plastics,real rubber,metals and is far more bio/green than harsh cleaners.

Time is a factor for best results,overnight seems fine,but major league gunk might need longer.( I ve had parts in the bucket for 5 days,but would'nt recommend it as the bucket starts to smell of sick!!!urgh!!due to the bio action!! and the end result wasnt noticeably better)

I hope this helps with your parts,and bear in mind....dont use Bold 2 in 1 unless you like your race machine to smell of flowers!!! :(

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No harm in giving it a go,Jedi Master.Come to think of it there is no harm at all.A washing machine has plastic parts,metal bits and a rubber(ish) door seal that is unaffected by detergent over a long period.Just bear in mind the thorough rinse as the first time I tried it I left quite alot on and it was powdery.Once you give it a go you'll know what I mean about the slimey feeling,once its rinsed off your laughing...well possibly smilling smuggly at saving yourself alot of elbow grease! :D

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