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Vlb/pumpkin Vertical Body Posts

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Hey Guys,

I bought a re-re Lunchbox, and did most of the mods listed on the site. Thanks to all of you who have helped me in the past. I also run it with a Pumpkin shell. It got old pretty quick having to change out the body posts to each specific model. So...I added 4", vertical nylon body posts. I thought I'd show some pix here for those of you looking to run both the VLB and Pumpkin shells simultaneously off the same chassis.

I bought 2 (2 in a pack)sets from towerhobbies, I think they were about $7 each. You will need one in the front over the steering servo and 2 in the rear deck. If your truck is a "runner" and not a "shelf queen", I strongly suggest making the switch. It looks pretty tough, and the longer body posts help in not destroying the shell when you flip the truck. refer to the picture link below: Have fun and good luck!!! If you need any further assistance, I'm here to help. The least I can do considering all the help I've gotten from the forum!

1. Attach the body posts from underneath the chassis with the provided screw set. (Front arms and rear shock dissassembly required)

2. Each set of body post comes with 2 collars, I use these for the shell to rest on, on the underside.

3. I used some ball joint screws from an extra set of shocks so I can change the height of the collars by hand when going from Pumpkin to VLB.

4. When running the Pumpkin Shell, the rear collars are useless. Make sure you bore out enough room in the rear of the shell (in the truck bed section)to get over the collars.

If you look close enough at the pictures provided, you'll see a small piece of velcro on top of the ESC. attach the other side of velcro tape to the underside of the truck bed on the Pumpkin shell. (The VLB shell rests on the three collars/the Pumpkin rests on the front collar over the steering servo, and the velcro added to the rear deck).

5. Drill the appropriate holes into the top of each body shell, set the body over the posts and attach the body clips. At first, you will have to tinker a bit to find the correct height between the collars and body clips. Once you find the correct height, make a mark on the body posts for future use finding the right height.

The 30 minutes I spent on the conversion has added to my enjoyment immensely! Aside from the tons of money I spent replacing the stock body mounts. hope this helps.....enjoy!


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