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The Tank Faq

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Ok kids we be up and running. Every self respecting forum has an important sticky -while I have little knowledge in the Semi world...I do claim to know some things about Tanks. My goal here is to but together a thread that can any would be tanker could just as useful as extra armor on a Sherman!!

Here is what I am looking at so far.

Tamiyaclub Special Interest Groups


Which Tank is Right For You?

General Tamiya Full-Option Tank Overview -Stefan(2)

Tamiya Tank History and Model Breakdown

A Bit of History and Some Other Information -By Stefan(2)

1:1 Scale Tank History and Reference

Tiger In Focus -Tiger I and Tiger II Historical Reference and Photo ID


Early Tamiya Tank Scans

Early Tamiya Tank Scans -Slideshow format

Tanks: Where to buy, fix, and upgrade

Tank Kits, parts, and upgrades


RC Command

VQ Warbirds

ETO Armor



John's Amor Corner( also some other hard to find 1/16 armour kits )



Custom Electonics

http://www.sgs-electronic.de/RC_Elektronik...elektronik.html (custom electronical gear)

http://itronik.de/indus.htm ( custom electronical gear )

Building Tips: Painting, construction, etc etc


Tamiya Service Notice -German Panther

Electrical Routing and Space Saving -by Fenstock

IMPACT Upgrades-youtube video channel.

Tamiya Leopard A26 Building Tips -By Stefan(2)


DAK -Painting Guide

"Painting Pazers" -By James Blackwell

Tanks&Trolls( some nice tutorials regarding making custom paint jobs )

Electronics: 4ch surface, 2.4ghz spektrum, MF Units, lipo cells those types of links

2.4ghz & Spektrum

DAK-2.4ghz radio setup guide.

4ch Surface Radio and Setup

Tamiya.com Article -Sherman 56014 4ch setup

4ch Fire Button Mod -By PantherF

RCArmourclubs: Links to different groups based of your corner of the world

United States


Desert Armor Korps


Southern California Area Tankers


Front Range Armored Group

United Kingdom

RC-Tankwarfare: UK based armor club.

RCArmourlinks: Information is key -can never have too much.



RCBattles: How the battle system works

If I am missing anything please reply and provide the link. I will attempt to make contact with the author to give proper credit before we cite or link it. With anyluck a 1:14 Tractor Trailer FAQ will pop up too.

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Which Tank is Best For You -Stefan(2)

I want to buy and build my first Tamiya tank, what model should i pick?

Of course , depending your personal taste, pick the one you like.

But, regarding building not all of the Tanks are the same.

A easy build is the Tiger 1, lots of space, not many details parts to mess up.

Just pay attention with the road wheels.

Jagdpanther, even more easy, as you dont have the turret rotation to worry about,

Straight forward build, do some research what version you like to do, there are some

Options to pick in the build.

Pershing, solid piece of armour, one of the most heavy ones to in the series.

But, you need some skills to get the turret rotation to work, there are many Pershing

Tanks out the that have a non-rotating turret.

By some kind of strange way, the engine sound is one of the best in the series.

The drive train, especially the track tension system is not that reliable.

Leopard 2A6, the ber budget unfriendly kit, a very complex tank to build.

Dont expect to finish it in a couple of days.

Not recommend to build as your first tank , but.. it can be done, not impossible at all.

For example, you can easy spend a day on only the smoke pod system.

But, a high tech model of Tamiya, and the sound... it is loud !

The entire new design has also a big benefit, it is a real to drive tank, full ball bearings,

And a gearbox designed to last.

If you want to build box art, prepare for a airbrush job or find somebody to do it for you.

You have to pay close attention to the electrical wiring, or your top turret cover will

Not fit proper.

The Sherman, maybe next to the Tiger the most historical famous tank, the most budget friendly one to.

Lots of space inside for the wires, and you can control it all with 3 channels.

Fairly lightweight, good for a long runtime on a battery pack.

Detail parts are straight forward. At this moment, there are some aftermarket modification sets for sale to make it a different type of Sherman.

So in short:

Easy build, big tank , nice to drive, pick the Jagdpanther

You are on a budget, but really want to start tank driving, pick the Sherman

You got cash to splash, like to tear down your backyard, weeks of building fun, Leopard 2A6

You need a building challenge, and like to hunt those Tiger tanks? The Pershing.

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Some building tips regarding the Leopard 2A6 -By Stefan(2)

* The latest 7,2v battery packs are a little oversized for the battery holder,

There are several ways to make it fit.

First remove the end-caps from your racing pack.

Good chance it still will not fit, now.. before you mount the battery holder in the tank

Adjust (Dremel it to size) , when that base plate it mounted on the tank, it is a uneasy task

To adjust the size later on. do it before you fit it into place? .

* The track tension is one of those problem childs with Tamiya tanks, the 2A6 is not any different.

Adjusting or remodelling it later on will result in a total teardown of the tank, so at first build,

It is highly recommend that you use a aftermarket track tension kit.

* Dont use plastic glue to fit the shock absorbers or guide wheels of the track, it wont hold.

Use zap-e-dap-goo or fit them with screws, if you dont do that, big chance that your first

Test drive will result in broken parts.

The power of the twin 540 size motors is not kind on small plastic parts.

* My optional GBU ( gun barrel stabiliser ) is to slow..

Truth is, it is just a modified helicopter gyro

It is a nice little expensive option, but in stock form does not perform well.

It is just to slow.

Solution, replace the stock gun barrel servo with a high power servo.

Depending on the servo used, you might need to make some modifications.

For a proper fit.

* Panic! I have just build my gearbox, and there is a gear/sprocket left in the box!

Correct... they added a extra one, you did not make a building mistake.


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A Bit of History, Some Other Info, and Random Bits -By Stefan(2)

* In the manual for the Tiger 1, it is written you need 2x 7,2v battery pack.

Now, when you use a high capacity pack 3800mha or more, you dont need that.

The manual is from the 1200mha capacity era.

One good pack will do just fine.

* A lot of guys buy metal track for there tanks, do i have to do that?

No.. it is more for show than anything else, fact is, the stock Tamiya ones give

You better grip on a slippery surface, and dont overload your gearbox.

Gearbox failures rarely happen with tanks with stock Tamiya tracks.

Without the metal tracks, your battery pack will last longer to.

But, keep in mind, the plastic tracks do wear down quick when driving on the street

Or rough surface.

* When fitting metal tracks, it is not uncommon that you need to fit new drive sprockets

And front guide wheels that come with the metal tracks.

Keep this in mind when you shop for parts.

So, for the paint job, and, if you already planning to use metal tracks anyway, it is not

Unwise to fit them at first build to prevent colour differences.

* Is my Tamiya battle system compatible with a other brand battle system ( like, Heng Long )

No, it is not.. But, there are retro-fit kits for Heng Longs to make them compatible.

* I like to have some other crew members on my tank or some static show bits.

What can i use ?

Verlinden 120mm ( aka superscale ) is a close match, 1:18 from 21th century is also a very

Close to the Tamiya 1/16.

* Can i use Spektrum 2.4ghz radio gear on the full option tanks, like the DX6 or DX7.

Yes, you can, you do lose start-up sound, but all other functions work perfect.

* Did you know, that Tamiyas first RC model was a Sherman tank, ( and, not that Porsche 58001 )

* Did you know, that there is also a vintage odd duck, the 1/25 panther in the Tamiya line.

* Did you know, that there is also a 1/35 scale rc series, as small brothers of the 1/16 line.

* Did you know, that there also where cable controlled versions of some tanks in the early years.

( and that they had plastic tracks , against the vintage rc metal tracked ones )

* Did you know, that the first re-released model was the Flakpanzer Gepard

* Did you know, that all 1/16 have static brothers, that they are the same but only missing

the full option gear.

And, that is is very uneconomical to go from a static version to a full option version.

* Did you know, that from the Sherman there was also a onboard computer controllable version.

* Did you know, you can drive your neighbours fully insane with the sound of a Tiger at 08:00 on Sunday morning.

* Did you know, that for the Sherman, Tamiya selling a aluminium 76mm firefly barrel

conversion, but that they forgot that it is a entire different turret & undercarriage on the 1:1 tank.

* Did you know, that the full option tanks are not designed to drive in the mud or wet.

Stay away from branches or grass also, unless you enjoy rebuilding road wheels.

( really.. they dont like it )

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Topic cleaned up,

Guys, add info or whatever you want, it will be added then by Mister Snollan when suiteble for

the FAQ

After a while, i will clean up the topic ( so, no info will be deleted, just merged into one )


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I'm new to this forum and I built a Tamiya Leopard 2A6 last summer and was wondering has anybody replaced the standard 540 size motors for somthing more powerful?

I found these motors on another site, are they better than the standard tin can motor or could I use any of the tuned motors from Tamiya?



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Here's a link to my how-to on adding "fire" buttons to your transmitters - works on Futaba Skysport T4YF and Futaba Attack 4WD.




a very easy mod to do if your an electromagician which I am not, I got a mate who is, to do the mod for me for a couple of pints (after he had finnished the work)

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Sorry, not sure if this has been added, but Spektrum 2.4GhZ like DX6/DX8 will work with DMD-07 from the Leopard2A6, you can get all the functions to work, engine start-up, shut-down, gun barrel up @ down, turret turning, lights on/off, convey lights, gun fire, machine gun.

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