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You A Ps3 Or 360 Owner?

PS3 or 360  

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i hate those 10 year old kids that are like that. thats why i dont have teamspeak, the little brats (not subies :D )will have to type it. hehehe.

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PS3 was my choice. Because of my high end stereo system which it can truly take advantage of. Also, GT5 coming soon as it is my fav series of games going back to the GT1 on the PS1. I like and play/beaten Uncharted, Warhawk, Killzone 2, Resistance 1 and 2, Dead Space, GT5 Prologue, Burnout Paradise and the Motorstorm series among others. I consider myself a casual gamer... IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS :) !!

My PS3 ID: Bobby-Vegas

I have 2 friends from TC at the moment, so add me if you want :D

ALL systems has goods and bads. I love the Wii and 360 ;) , thanks to my brother who owns all current and past systems along with a sick PC GAMING RIG! He is a true GAMER and is a top 10 player in a number of games for the PS3. It's AWESOME playing games on the 360 and Wii without having to buy the system :( , thanks little brother!

And yes, I dislike the BRATS who use badwords while playing shooters online!

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Why isn't my (mint!) Atari 2600 on the poll? Absolutely nothing in this world for stress relief like putting a paddle through it's paces on Breakout. If your console doesn't have switches(!) that look like they were sourced from a '59 Chrysler and give two intense display modes, color AND black/white you haven't lived.

PS3 ain't got nuttin' on Video Olympics in B/W on a 13" TV the size of desk!


P.S...as I'm now 37, I can't tell you how much fun it is to ask the next generation if they wanna play a video games and you whip out a 2600! I literally had a friend say, "Oh, yeah, I saw one of those on TV once..."

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