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Integy 55t Motor Specs?

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Can anyone tell me what the specs are on the integy 55 turn lathe motors?

Specifically i'm hoping to find out what the max rpm is at 7.2 volts.

It would also be nice to know roughly what torque these motors have.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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I don't know the spec's of them, but could you give more info? Like what are you wanting to use them in etc.... I have used them in plenty of different models and seen them in other types to what I have as well.

Eg, A mate's XC/CC01 chassis, great wheel speed and good run times as well. My F350 HL, slow 1st gear (slower than walking pace), reasonable 2nd gear (walking pace) and faster than walking pace 3rd gear.

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Possible answers from a web trawl...

Integy Lathe

Motor (3 pole)___Approx RPM on 7.2v







The original figures were based on 12v, so I have changed them to 7.2v

RPM and Current Draw (another site)

NEW INTEGY 45T single Lathe motor -- 9325 Rpm's and .66 Amps

NEW INTEGY 55T single Lathe motor -- 8450 Rpm's and .62 Amps

NEW INTEGY 65T single Lathe motor -- 6400 Rpm's and .43 Amps

Used TRAXXAS Stinger 20t single ---- 18500 Rpm's and 1.94 Amps

Used TITAN 550 ------------------------ 13400 Rpm's and 1.68 Amps

Biggest difference is the low current draw, although speed does drop.

I get 45 minutes on a 45t Integy Lathe in my TLT (with the smaller 1900mah delta battery pack) so it gives you a comparison when you see the lathe motors drawing such small currents resulting in at least double or sometimes triple runtime.

As to torque, can't find a lot:

lathe 55T 4.9oz/in@10A

RS540RH 5.0oz/in@6A - the Mabuchi will not suck more amps

Johnson540 27t 4.8oz/in@10A

Seems to show that it has not got much more torque, but from experience of 540, RS540SH, BZ and 55t lathe motors in a Clod crawler, I can say that the torque is at least equivalent to the BZ (and therefore a darn sight higher than a standard 540).


Torque at best efficiency: 194g-cm

RZ (nearest I can find to the BZ):

Torque at best efficiency: 500g-cm (2.5 times as high)

Hope that is some help...


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Steve, thanks buddy that's a help, all i could find was a 6 volt rpm of 6100 for the 55T which i equated to 7320 rpm at 7.2volts.

I know that the TZ and RZ have a bag of torque at 500g -cm but know nothing about the torque of the 55t, so 4.9oz/in@10A eh?

Now to convert that to metric... :)

Adam i have quite a few of these motors in use, but that doesn't give me the facts, thanks for your input though.


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I make it different to you?

lathe 55T= 4.9 ounce inch = 352.838 165 77 gram centimeter

RS540RH= 5 ounce inch = 360.038 944 66 gram centimeter

Johnson540 27t= 4.8 ounce inch = 345.637 386 87 gram centimeter

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Hi again,

Sorry for the confusion, it's down to different information on the web (as always)...

The first lot of motor speed tests and the RPM / Current Draw table from 2 different crawler forums. Can't remember which ones for a mo, but will go searching again...

The final motor info on the Mabuchi and TZ came from here:

Not much help I know, but thought it might be a good start point (from a rpm point of view more than torque). Unfortunately I cannot currently find a decent test of the torque figures for the Integy lathe motors anywhere. :) It's annoying me actually as I definitely looked into this before taking the leap with my first one. I definitely know that I read a 55t lathe motor had 2.5x the torque of a BZ but cannot quoet as I don't know where it was.

Still hunting and will let you know how it goes


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Finding a lot of interesting posts about winds and the "higher turns = less speed = more torque"...

Seems that above a certain point, the number of winds cause more friction than the increase in torque can compensate for unless a higher voltage is used - therefore a 55t might well produce less torque on 7.2v than a 27t motor does, but the reverse might be true at 12v.....

Quote 1:

Contrary to what people tend to believe about motors, higher turn motors actually have less torque. So a 55T motor will have more torque then a 85T motor. Why, you may ask? More turns equals more internal resistance. More resistance equals less current consumption, Less current low means less power. It's really pretty simple. Ohm's law. Current is a factor of horsepower.

Quote 2:

Torque and wheelspeed go hand and hand. All 540's of equal construction have the same torque. Depending on what voltage you run would determine the wind count. If you go with a 55t Iwould run between 11.1 and 14.4 volts. A 70 turn is stupin in my opinion, if you want your top end to be slower then gear down and that will also give you more torque.At 7.4 volts the 40 turn will have the most torque, the 55t doesn't max out untill slightly over 12 volts. THe 70t is more than that. In my opinion a 27t or the 35t is the best crawling motor for 7.2 volts.

How complicated does it get... Anyway, from experience I would say that the 55t Integy Lathe motors are about the same grunt as the BZ, but at about a third of the pace (approximates from testing here).

Sorry to have confused the matter rather than helped


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Steve, again thanks for the info.

I was aware that higher turn does't mean higher torque, but does equal lower rpm, it seems odd doesn't it that you need to have a lower turn count for a higher torque output, due to less resistance.

It's all very interesting, it would seem that a geared down 27T- 35T would indeed be a better option in a crawler than a 55T not geared, but you run into higher consumption and shorter run times.

My interest in all this is due to an experiment with brushless in an XC for crawling.

I want to use an inexpensive brushless out runner, without gearing down through a reduction unit.

I'm working on the idea that a 1050KV motor will have close to the right speed with 7560rpm@ 7.2 volts.

Which should be about equal to the 55T lathe motor, but with more torque hopefully(i went with the longer can for the higher torque), and more importantly no brushes to get jammed after lengthy river running :D

I've ordered the motor & esc, so we will see what happens on the test run once installed.

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Ooo. Keep us informed on how it goes. Brushless motors are definitely the way forward. My (now very old) Novak SS5800 setups have a stupid amount of torque considering the speed. Just as happy in a Top Force or a Juggernaut (and I've got video's to prove it B) )!

All the best


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