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Ultimate Range Rover 1.9 Steel Wheel

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After some time I finally got a price quote on my new wheel design. After the succes my white landy wheel design had that RC4WD is selling now, I started to think about a way to make even more realistic scale steel wheels. The solution came in the form of a 2 piece design, milled out of real steel just like the 1:1's have. So they can also rust like real ones do.

The price of a set (4 wheels) will be $80,- ex. shipping

There are also no screws included (m2 screws needed).

The point of the 2 piece design is also that the wheel nut is covered by the centercap. So no ugly unscale nuts anymore.

I hope to have a prototype laying here real soon. Only thing is that I need to sell at least 20 sets.

Is there any interest of you guys in this wheel?


one thing to add the holes have more rounded corners, as otherwise the milling was not possible.

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