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Cool Stuff For Sale-

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Carrying on the "I need a DX6i" theme, I have some more bits for sale;

Just bought the light/ esc/ sound unit for my scaler it's never gonna fit- which sucks... You get the main unit, speaker box, control panel and vibration unit. Awesome. Comes without box or LEDs, these units retail at £250!!! £110 posted


Cool little truck with detachable trailer and working lights by "Dickie". Only want £30 for it posted



Hilux body-SOLD

Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC- £16 posted


That's it for now- Please no silly offers for like half the asking price, cos I'll ignore you, and please, please, please if you say you want something and ask for my paypal actually pay for it... I know it sounds like I'm whinging but it's happened a couple of times now and it's getting on me man-boobs! Ta


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