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Genius Needed: Mfu Questions

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Hi guys and gals! I have this:


And decided to sell it cos it didn't fit into my scaler:


So the question is: I don't need the ESC parts, I don't need the LED parts, The control pannel or the speaker (I can get a smaller speaker) All I want is the engine noise. Can I cut it up?!! Now I know nuffin about electricals so.... Should I sell it and try and get a decent sound unit?


You think it's modular and I could take out the "noise making" electronics? (Mu-hahaha I sound like such a noob!)

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The ESC part of it isn't just an ESC, it has an electronic clutch operation and it's all tied into the gearchange. It makes gearchange sounds as well (different for the upchange to downchange depending on where you have the throttle positioned). You could probably parallel it to the ESC you have running now from the receiver. I'm sure all 4 channels will affect what sounds it makes. Cutting the PCB I don't know about, you would need the wiring schematic of the board.

I've moved mine from inside the cabin to under the bonnet so I can fit a full depth interior. On the F350 it will just squeeze between the top of the damper towers and the bonnet. I'm hinging the bonnet to gain access to it and making it 'splash' proof from the bottom side with styrene plate moulded to shape. I glued a sheet of thin plastic (like a plastic bag) over the original speaker box under the supplied mesh and glued plastic sheet over the 'sub' hole. It's splash proof aswell and the plastic is flexible enough to not muffle the sounds. The speaker box is what gives the sounds the deep note, without the resonator box it's 'squeaky' high pitched. Also have a USB flash drive mp3 player plugged into the MFC so it has a 'radio' with my favourite songs playing as I crawl around the garden. Moved the switch box from inside the fake fuel tank to under the bonnet as well (Get the electrics up higher).

For what you want to do, and with the nice work you've already done to the truck you are probably better off with just a sounds kit.

If they were available I would have sounds on all my electric kits, buggys and tourers too. Imagine a SRB Sand Scorcher with a VW engine sound... too cool.

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