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Miggers Mighty Meteor

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Been fiddling with it for the past 18months.

It nearly went in a carrier bag to the skip,but then it came to me.

Yep it really is a 20+year old Mardave Meteor under there.

I've included as many period mods as I can get to hear about and fabricate.

It sports a fully ballraced gearbox and rear axle mounts,homemade LWB chassis done to dimensions supplied by Terrysc,

Option House Gold front shocks,Traxxas Grey rears,modified rear shock mount(again courtesy of Terrysc) and

front suspension mounting strut brace.

Tyres are Schumacher pins.

It has genuine 1987 Futaba Attack R radio gear,Mtronics S250HF 14t limit race ESC and a Parma Cyclone Stock 27t.

The only "late" parts are the body and wing.These were bought from E-bay and are RC10B3 jobbies modified to fit.

That undertray you see is a one off homegrown fabricated to fit the Mete's alloy chassis and the RC10 body.








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Thats ACE!

Cheers gatmix.

When I got it,the chassis had been seriously shortened and a wide 1/12th Mini shell fitted with Mardave V12 front arms,stub axles and wheels.

I popped in one of my 27t Cyclones and needless to say,it was a real handful to drive.

Virtually all the original parts were there apart from wheels,body and wing.


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Well,here it is again after it's last re-build.

It now sits on a Cobra chassis and has a complete Cobra front end on it.






more of a Cobeor than a Meteor now though.

I'd like to change the wheels(some CML/JC Racing 5 spokes) and I need to get my mitts on 3mm L/H

and 3mm R/H die nuts to make my own turnbuckles for it.

I spied a sheet of aluminium at work just before we broke up for the

holidays,so I reckon next up will be a set of ally suspension mounts :)


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Thats great get it on the Mardave SIG

Mardave SIG <--------- Clicky ;)

Thanks sarge.

I'd love to put it on there but I'm not a fully paid up Tamiyaclub member.

Incidentally I got those JC Racing wheels for it,but they're RC10B2 rims(better looking than Cobra ones),

they need a bit of work(rears boring out slightly and front axles fitting into the Meteor axle blocks).

It also has a new Cobra shell and wing painted up and ready to fit(just waiting for graphics),plus one

or two other tweaks then it'll be ready for the camera again in a few weeks.

I'm hoping to bring it along to a few North West bashes this summer and maybe a bit of Retro racing

with it.


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The Cobra transformation is complete(for now anyway)

Meteor bits left are front uprights,rear arms and axle holders.






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