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Iphone V Beer Belly

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Actually found a use for my iphone other than the Zippo simulator, Lightsabre simulator, iBeer and Pocket Guitar;


You load up the app to the iphone, then it's GPS tracks your ride (walk, run, etc.) and you can upload it whenever you can connect to the internet.

1:20 ride uses about 1/2 battery with all the other drains turned off

Route mapping is pretty accurate, and the elevation box is quite funky too

Website's better if you pay $30 to turn the ads off :)

The big hill's at 3 1/2 - 5miles, then a bit of flat, then a sweet D/H section past the reservoir


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Hmm, that's pretty cool. Have to get that on mine too I think :)

P.s. Some other cool apps in a completely other category that you have to try are real reacing and flight control...

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