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Tiger Tank

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Bit of a long shot this one but here goes

I have been asked to bring a 1/25th Tamiya tiger back to life.

Now some of you may know that this was supposed to be a static model but the version I have has two motors and a gearbox installed which look to be original,although that’s all there is. I have had a look in the 1982 catalogue I have and it clearly mentions that the models could be run and that there were two kit numbers DTW111 and DTR111.

Question is does any one have a n instruction sheet for this kit or know what the original control elements looked like or how they were set up or does any one have the original bits to turn the kit back into a runner? Or falling that could any one tell me how to get this to be a runner again using modern bits.

Many thanks for any help and sorry for all the questions but this ones stumping me a bit <_<


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