Super Champ Carbon Fibre Mechanism Deck Upper Chassis

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Hi there,

As some of you know, I make Carbon Fibre Chassis for the SRBs and Super Champ, up until now the Super Champ Mechanism Deck (Upper Chassis) has only been available when purchased with an SRB chassis piece. However, I am now making more of these and they are available separately.

You can purchase this on ebay here or PM me with a Tamiyaclub.com discount of 10%. Fast shipping worldwide is free as well.

The item is the same quality robotics grade as used in top engineering (not the cheaper wet lay fibre) and is vacuum pressed, making it glossy on both sides. It is made with a sophisticated computerised machine in Mittal steel factory here in Czech.

An additional discount is available for Tamiyaclub.com members if they buy both plates together. The cost of this depends a little on where you are based (for shipping purposes) but you get the 10% discount plus an additional discount (to try to stop you from buying the cheaper but weaker Buggy Champ FRP chassis!). PM me for details, please.

The regular chassis is also available, again with 10% TC discount and free shipping.

Note : No discount available if you purchase on eBay. eBay is a little more expensive because of the fees. Some people prefer it that way though, so feel free to BIN!

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