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Pureten Gp Alpha 3

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Hello need some help i'm new to Nitro and Kyosho. rather get Tamiya myself, but i salvaged this car from friend of a friend. after finding out what model it was, i was able to order missing parts and rebuild the front and the rear sections of the car.

now came the fun bit of starting it however i had problems getting it too start. so i checked the glow plug found out that looks almost new and is glowing nicely. i found the Engine manual (GX-12) and found out i had to re-adjust all the servo and the throttle valve and idle pin bit now i got that setup perfectly almost needs slight adjustments everytime i start it however i thinking thats got something to do with my next problem which i need help with. when car is sitting still not running for awhile it started leaking unspent fuel from the exhaust system (in picture) from that i know its running too Rich however i have problem on Needle valve and i dont have a spanner/wrench to fix the problem or a part number for the spanner/wrench so can order one.


this is nut i need spanner for any help with part number for spanner


This is where unspent fuel is leaking from. once i lean it out the leaking of fuel would stop but would a leak in gas from this location dampen performance ?

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Thanks for the help B) managed to file down a No. 7 spanner to fit the nut for those that are interested now that i've leaned the fuel out leak of unspent fuel stopped however hard to tell if gas coming out the join guess if there is a performance drop it be minimal.

Can someone tell me what type of glow plug is best for the Kyosho GX-12 engine i took the one in now out but no number on the plug so i put pulg back if because it fine for now but i will need to replace sometime so rather trial and error i get the information now i've read somewhere OS A3 works and that A3 is now No 6 and is a Hot plug is this a wise choice ? using 16% fuel ATM. any tips on fuel and plug be great

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