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Lowering Of The Hi-lift Hilux

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Adoo all,

Just had a mess about with my hilux in trying to fit a 3racing winch to the front of it ( as yet no success, dont really want to cut the body or modify it in anyways appearence wise, gonna have to make a drop bracket of some sort or mess about with the bull bar ) but whilst messing i was looking at the shackle setup, i noticed the front cross member's self tapping screw holes are directly in-line with the shackle mount holes,

so all i did was flip the front cross member so the self tapper was where the shackle through bolt went into the nut sat inside the cross member and vice versa so the shackle through bolt now bolts into the top of the front crossmember, the rear was easier than that. The rear bodymount has that threaded metal bar that "cradles" in the rear bodymount, simply undo the shackle from its original position on the chassis rail and bolt the shackle through bolts into that threaded metal bar, the hole isnt in-line as it is with the front, but the body height is equal from front to back which was lucky & cool at the same time. Also for clearence issues the nylock bolt that holds the shackles to the leaf springs themselves needs swapping ( if not already bolted up like this by means or mistake ) from the insde of the leaf to the outside as it rubs against the chassis rails, you lower it about 4-5mm, doing this little mod along with _miga_'s wicked tutorial you get a normal looking hilux h-lift, also you could lower the central body mounts as mentioned in the write up but my cablework dont allow for this, and in anycase the look of it is more or less a scaled down version of my real life hilux with a 3.5inch bodylift & 35 inch tyres, much more happy with the look of the model now.

for the steering setup you'll no doubt have to do _miga_'s mod first to drop the pitman arm linkage to the draglink.

hope this is of some use to some folks thinking there hi-lift still dont look quite right straight out the box

And if anyone has any ideas/pics/links anything on how a 3racing winch is fitted to a hi-lift chassis id very much appreciate it, ive gone through my spare bits box but the issues i have is clearence from the body front valance, the bullbar's passenger side upright, though if mounted upside down i havent got any clearence issues... but its upside down lol

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I made up a metal plate and fixed it to where the "towing eye" is on the front of the chassis - it just clears the underside of the bodyshell - perhaps not the best way to mount it but I haven't had to damage or modify any parts so its totally reversible.

Works for me :huh:


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