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Tamiya Hotshot Supershot Gold Plated Wheels 50266 New

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Brand new gold plated Tamiya Hotshot/Supershot/Boomerang/Super Sabre wheels, still on the tree (seconds)

Very similar to original Tamiya vintage part number 50266 which sells for over $100, I have for the last three years been plating Hotshot re issue wheels in gold for display models. I have completely sold out of this stock and have no intention of making any more of these, the last few sets sold in the last few days.

However, during production, some wheels came out imperfect (those in the photograph are very representative of the sort of imperfections) or got damaged during transport etc (only chips in the finish, not grazes, cracks in the plastic etc) and I couldn't sell them as first condition.

Now that I have sold all my perfect wheels, I am clearing all my stock at a ridiculous price, less than the cost price of the material plastic, let alone the cost of plating.

You can buy as many as you want, pricing is as low as it will ever be and shipping is at cost. Items will be shipped wrapped properly to prevent further damage. They are imperfect, but in great condition for a runner, you may even be lucky and get a couple of good ones (one front, one rear) for display - but I can't select wheels for each individual customer, at this price, I will just pick the next one in the batch. As stated, however, this is the very last stock and the photo is very representative of the imperfections, which can include light edge chipping, faint crazing, dark/light patches.

Note : These wheels are plated on the tree and the tree is included and attached to the wheels, unlike all more recent stock.

You can buy from me directly, I have 14 sets at the time of writing, or buy from eBay on the link below.

For Tamiyaclub.com members the price is £8.95 including delivery worldwide.

eBay shop link (Hotshot Gold Wheels)


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Now clearing last remaining The Falcon Stock, similar condition, all Hotshot gone and no intention to make again :)

Will work on The Fox in place of plated wheels 50265.

The Falcon Gold Plated Wheels

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