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Coming Soon: New Sand Scorcher Alloy Wheels

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A couple Head's-Up pics of the prototype, right off the machine, of a SS/Buggy Champ wheel that I'll have soon. It is a complete redesign, using the best aspects of Tamiya's design & throwing away the bad. These will be 2 parts each-You cut the star out of the stock center piece, so it's still a beadlock, but instead of mere side plate copies of the box-art pieces, these will be a stronger full wheel that's based on full-scale 1:1 BTR D-spoke Baja Bug wheels. IMO they just look more real than the boxarts, mebbe I've just seen to many of 'em. These don't use the bearing holder area of stock, so from the side you don't see the plastic sandwich like has been done, just beefy solid alloy. They will come with new black 2-56 screws and be tapped to eliminate the nuts, and will be around $69 for a set, includes shipping anywhere.

I'm not new (just new here,) and am a small custom manufacturer and not a store: Therefore, I do not maintain inventory. I do ONE batch of a part -Ever!- and the window is small. If these interest you, or you'd like info on upcoming Scorcher parts, there is only one way to make sure you'll be informed in time: Go to my Website, www.rogueelementcomponents.com , read the brief page explaining how I do things, and sign on to my private mailing list: Just takes a couple minutes. I'll also post them here of course, but you run the chance of missing out (The order window is less than 2 weeks.)

Thanks for looking, and feel free to PM me w/any questions! Chris, Rogue Element Components



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