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SRB Bloke

Anybody Heard About The Super Champ Re-release

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How about Ranger on a CC-01 upgraded chassie into CC-02 with two axles?!!

That would be the most awesome release!!!

As the SRB are based on VW chassie so I think the ranger doesn't fit in there!!!

It's a great looking car without a doubt but on wrong chassie


+1, a F-150 Ranger on a proper 4x4 chassis would be a cool release. I totally agree, the Ranger looks completely wrong on the SRB chassis, I always thought it would have been better on the same 3-speed chassis as the Hilux at least.

Super Champ re-re would be nice, but I don't think it's going to happen now the Sand Scorcher is out. Surely almost everyone who was going to buy a re-re SRB has bought the Buggy Champ or Scorcher by now.

- James

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