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3 Racing Light Kit Into A Jugg2

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Hi all. I saw these products mentioned of the forum a couple ofweeks a go and thought I would order them from Stella Models and see what the light kit was like. It arrived this weekend and I have attempted to fit it all in my Jugg2/Hi lift bodyshell. I thought I would share my experience for anyone else thinking of doing the same. I was attracted to these products as they were much more attractively priced than the tamiya TLU-01/02 combo.

First of all the bodyshell. its a Hi lift / Jugg2 nody fitted with a hi lift tailgate and rear light clusters (For fitting LEDs). The front grille is the standard Jugg2 item. I started with the 5 bar lightbar. The first thing I noticed was that the chroming seemed a bit dull in comparison with the standard tamiya lightbar, and there were some fine scraches in the plastic visible in surface of the chrome. Anyway, I assembled the LEDS into the bar, all the screws were provided, the lense guards were a nice touch, which I thought looked better than the standard Jugg2 bar. I clipped mine on and they showed no signs of coming off, the gluing recommended in the instructions was not required. I removed the Jugg2 lightbar and went to fit the 3racing lightbar to the rollbar. It didn't fit. ;) Although placed the right distance apart, the brackets supplied were about 1.5mm too thick to fit on the jugg2 rollbar. I could have machined them down, but then I would have lost the chrome finish. (I also tried them on an old coldbuster rollbar I had and they would not fit on that without modification either. So, I removed the LEDs from the 3racing bar and fitted to the standard tamiya lightbar. I had to use the tamiya led covers, but because the LEDs come prewired, I had to snip a small amount of plastic from them to make a gap to fit the wires through. Got it all assembled to rollbar and then looked to tidying up the wiring. Here's my second gripe.... The wiring that comes each LED is exactly the same length. This means that if you want to run the wiring down one side of the rollbar (which I imagine most people will) , you end up with a bundle of loose wire at one side of the rollbar. It would have quite to make each wire a bit shorter than the previous one so that the wiring would run neatly down one side. This is something I will do myself when I get time. There was however just enough length on the wire to enable me to open the rear end of the bodyshell to access the battery compartment. Once wired up and tested the LEDs do look good. They are bright and all give out an even colour.

On to the light kit.

This has 8 sockets, 2 of which are multifunction. 1 is either a connector for additional brake lights, or on all the time, and the other either comes on when throttle is applied, or is on all the time. Both are settable individually through the use of 2 switches. I used one of these to power the light bar on the rollbar, set to be on all the time.

The other sockets are for:

1 front lower light 50% all the time, 100% on forward throttle

2 front upper light 100% on forward throttle, otherwise off.

3. left indicator

4. Right indicator

5. Reversing lights

6. Brake lights (These double up as rear lights, on at 50% brightness all the time, 100% under braking)

The LEDs that come with it are as follows :

2 5mm white LEDs for headlights

2 5mm red LEDs for brakelights

4 3mm LEDS for indicators (2 wiring harnesses, each with 2 LEDs)

Also included are 2 Y leads for attaching the controlbox to the receiver and servos / Esc

The control box fitted neatly inside the Jugg2 battery box holder on the mechanism deck.

For fitting to the Jugg2, I found that the Y leads were way too long, and ended up with a ball of wires cable tied together. Conversely, because the rear of the Jugg2 shell tips backward, the wiring harness for the indicators is not long enough front to back, although this was not an issue because the Jugg2 front grille does not have any room for a 3mm LED for an indicator. (I need to get a Hi-lift front grill...). I could not secure the LEDs in the rear light cluster either as I need to make up a small bracket to hold all the LEDs in place. I also found that the holes in the Jugg2 headlights are for 6mm bulbs, not 5mm LEDs. Doh, doh, doh, doh, doh. I knew that the brake light leds were the wrong size, but I've got some red 3mm leds somewhere I can replace them with. I also need to get some 3mm LEDs for reversing lights, this will probably be another order to HK at some point.

So the fitting of the light kit did not go quite as according to plan. This is in no way a reflection on the product, which I think is very good value for money compared with the tamiya solution. I was alos pleased that there was a connection for reversing lights, as this was not mentioned in the advert for the product, or shown in the demo video. It is also worth noting that the brake lights only work when going from fwd > rev on the throttle stick. If just going from neutral > reverse, they don't work (Designed to work with an ESC that brakes before it goes to reverse, I've still got the MSC in the Jugg2).

The light kit is intended for use in 1/10 touring cars, so the lack of length on the indicator wires is understandable. The light system worked fine with my 27MHz AM ACOMS radio gear, although the servos did go bonkers when I moved across the house from the transmitter without having the TX aerial extended. With the aerial extended there was only very, very, light twitching, but this could have been due to the partially charged battery I was using for the test. It did say on the box that it was approved for use with 2.4GHz systems.

Overall the light kit is very good, a well made, good value product, would have been nice to have the reversing LEDs included, but not a big deal. The only downside is the amount of additional wiring required to be fitted to the car to get all the functionality in. By the time I have finished, under the bodyshell the Jugg will resemble a full option tiger tank :lol:

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