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Super-scale Hubs For Blazing Blazer/orig. Hilux

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Submitted for your perusal is our next Ltd. Edition product, REAL Scale Hubs for the Blazing Blazer/Original Hilux!

These are one thing that has been needed for a LONG time by chaps with the original Tamiya 'Locking-Hub' trucks. The kit versions are very fragile, hard to find to replace, expensive as badword when you do find 'em, and fugly as the north end of a southbound mule.

These are for the guys who want to 'Serious-Up' their rig and make their peers throw a sadness! CNC 6061-T6 and Stainless Steel. 6 actual screws. Satin-finish, glass-beaded bodies. Brand-specific engraved caps. Tough, pretty, mean, and Manly! Let's face it, these trucks are not cheap: Nor are these hubsets. That's because what I do is not for everybody: I spare no detail to ensure that these are the very best they can be, and back it up with a guarantee- If you open the package and see these in person, and your lower jaw does not fall to the floor, send them back in as-received condition for a full refund of purchase price, minus shipping (if applicable.) The few chaps who've seen these so far tell me these are gonna be huge to collectors of these trucks, so if you know one, it would be appreciated by them and myself if you forward this Email along! (Prototypes shown, please note production units will be flawless.)

Pics in traderoom, this is giving me a hard time uploading pics.

You have 2 choices here: Either 'Chevrolet' or 'Toyota' script, and either Natural or Black-Anodized caps- Please make SURE I'm clear on what you want by using Paypal's 'Notes' line! If you say nothing, 'Natural' will be sent! Black caps will have a silver center bar w/black letters so they pop: Naturals, you simply ink the script in & lightly sand, as in the photos- Script will be clean, pics are of protos, remember.

Cost: $74.95/set, includes 4 Satin finish hub bodies, 4 Caps of your choice, 24 0/80 SS screws (.050 wrench required, not supplied) and shipping domestically: (Out of US, please add $2.) except Italy, Spain, and Turkey- Please Email for details.

These are specifically to fit and function on ONLY the Blazing Blazer and locking-hub Hilux- If you want these to fit other trucks, give me a week or 2, and I have a surprise brewing (That I just gave away...)

Remember, these, like all of our offerings, are ONLY available for a SHORT TIME to deposit paying customers! We are a specialty manufacturer for discerning individuals, not a hobby shop, so do not maintain an inventory. Please submit your deposit of $5 PER ITEM by the 20th of November (10 days): The next day I start cutting, so if you're not on the list, well...

You will be notified of your balance due before the Estimated Shipping Date. Simple, No?

Feel free to contact me with any questions, E-mail is probably best.

Many Thanks!

Chris Cazan

Rogue Element Components

Email & Paypal address: chris@rogueelementcomponents.com

Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date: Nov. 20, 2010

Estimated Shipping Date: Dec. 1, 2010

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