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Early Srb Differences

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Has anybody on Tamiyaclub or the internet written a comprehensive guide showing the differences between all the original versions of the SRB cars? Ideally with photographs!

I have tried google and searching these forums a few times now, but so far have failed to find a complete list.

I`ve heard the term "mk 1" used a lot to describe SRBs. I`ve read earlier cars had black bumpers and these were worth a packet (until the re release came along). I know some early bumpers said "Bugy" on them instead of "Buggy". I think early cars had rear wishbones with space for two bearings either side, whereas later cars only had space for one, but I`m not sure about this. I have come across both types of wishbone. I`ve read there where changes in the front end too, but so far haven`t spotted differences in the cars I have handled. What makes a mk 1? Were there Scorcher and Ranger mk1s or was it only the Rough Rider? I have so many questions!

I have a box of vintage SRBs that I need to start putting back together, and I want to try and get them right :rolleyes:

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