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If You Had To Get A Tamiya Related Tattoo...

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I like the simple but to the point tilted boxrench idea james, I also like the hornet logo... but then that's 'cos it was my first tamiya & maybe another reason I stay away from ink!

LOL, i thought the box wrench was actually my idea that someone else ran with :)

Whoever thought it first or last, it's a good one... simple ideas are normally always best. For me I think the idea of it on a tee rather than my skin is better!

Like I said I like the hornet logo, but it is maybe THE reason for me to thus stay away from the inky needle... !

I vote for a barcoded boxrench !!!!

.... or failing that your favourite sprue on your (whole) back.... :angry:

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Following on from the sprue idea, how about going the whole hog and have different sprues from a whole kit on each part of your body.

The only sticking point is what part of your anatomy would have the "Metal parts bag" :angry:

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