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Rally cars for sale: M-05Ra, DF-03Ra and TB-01

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Having a clear out to line up a new 4 wheel drive buggy to use alongside my Avante,


Brand new Renault Alpine A110 bodied M-05Ra.

Purchased last year. I built the gearbox and then left the thing in it's box until I brought my Avante and needed to move it on to raise funds, so I finished the build to sell it.

It's only been tested VERY briefly on carpet in my from room to make sue it worked.

Fully ball-raced, brand new Tamiya TZ 23T Super Stock motor, all round 3Racing alloy dampers, and Futaba Attack radio gear and servo



Lancia Delta Integrale version.

Been run for a fair bit, and then run into a post by my friends son which cracked the front of the Integrale shell. Since then its gained gold Scooby wheels, and a 2007 Scooby body shell finished in the classic metallic blue.

Fully ball-raced, Tamiya TZ 23T Super Stock motor, 3Racing alloy dampers, and Futaba Attack radio gear and servo.

Old Integrale Shell and wheels included



Subaru Impreza German Champion 1999

Had about 2 batteries ran through it by my wife, hence why it just has a standard silver can motor in it.

The original shell is untouched as I brought a 2001 Richard Burns Scooby shell for it and that was used for the runs. The original shell is sprayed to box art colour and in the box included.

Fully ball-raced and 3Racing alloy dampers added too. TEU104 ESC, and Futaba Attack radio gear and servo


Need to fund a Durga and Futaba radio gear for it...........it'll still get a silver can though if the wife is going to drive it!

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