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Southend-on-Sea (Essex) M-chassis

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Hi there,

Just thought I would mention that my local R/C touring car track is now racing a heat of M03/M03M/M03L & M05's each Sunday. We have been doing this for a while and we are now getting 8-14 drivers of varying standard each week.

Rules are not really a problem but in an effort to keep costs down for newcommers we prefer everyone to use the following:

* Standard kit silver can 540 motor.

* Any Speed controller

* Any body (prefer Rover Mini's myself though)

* Anything goes on shocks

* All tyres are fine (we generally use standard 60D on front and Super Grip 60D on rear).

* Any battery (Lipo's recommended)

* Alluminium Uprights are fine

* Ballraces and steel pinion are recommended

* Any radio and servo

* UJ's are fine

* Ball diffs are ok but not recommended (due to extra cost and on-going maintenance).

The club track is situated about 3 minutes off the A127. It's an outdoor track and is quite twisty and bumpy compared to most other touring car tracks. This makes it ideal for Mini's and close racing is just about guaranteed.

Lots of friendly members who will give help and advice (inc me).

Heats are 8 minutes long.

Please don't be afraid to ask any questions. My email is garyn@post.com. Alternatively please see the clubs website. http://www.southendrccc.org


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